Sunday, August 11, 2013

Are Food Labels Helping?

Just what does our food and beverages contain. What are we really putting into our mouths everyday? Whats behind the numerous chemical ingredients on food labels that we can barely pronounce? Yet, in still we shove loads of the stuff "like it's nobody's business" at the rate of tons. What happens when the American consumer doesn't want to read a label by just turning the product around for a quick read? Wake up, folks, you've been found out and the corporations know you don't read the labels and don't care what you put in. Not only that, they know you're too busy "pigging out" and the difficult scientific names on the label doesn't hold your attention either, at least not like the cool colors of the packaging. Guess what? Some food and nutrition advocates have done some of the work for us and this is what we are putting into our mouths, exposed to, breathing, or drinking regular in America. First off, our food as animal and plant products are grown with very harmful chemicals called pesticides. Some of these pesticides have been used in chemical warfare products such as Agent Orange. Not only that we have harmful herbicides, fungicides as well. The Bt toxin is a brilliant piece of genetic engineering because the gene of the product from a bacterium acts as a host to make its own pesticide through genetic modification inside the crop it is protecting. Bt is used in pesticides and produces a poisonous endotoxin(Cry Toxin) that is supposed to just kill insects...and you eat it because it's in the crop product! The prestegous journal Reproductive Toxicology showed that the Bt toxin is not neutralized in human blood! The European Food Safety Authority has just announced that there are several pesticides that encode a viral gene's material(CaMV) into a crop. These viral genetic materials are transgenic moving from the plant host into the human consumer causing cancer.Other toxic pesticides to look for are those containing glyphosate which is used a s a weed killer and Atrazine which cause cause endocrine and hormonal disruption. Many animal products are packing lots of hormones, too. Have you noticed the very hefty cows and chickens lately. The growth hormones, estrogen and testosterone(which are steroids) in them is enough to grow whiskers. Does it appear to you that the average American pre-teen is quite precocious in growth and secondary adult features? What could it be? There are many household pesticides that contain components in them that also contain estrogen-look-a-like products adding to the hormonal balance of a pre-teen. Girls get more mature and boys get more "feminized". But , we are subject to food that has been irradiated as well. Well when you x-ray something you expose it to Ionizing radiation which causes all sorts of blood and solid cancers. But are we are that 400 tons of radioactive material is spilling from the Fukushima Nuclear spill site. This radioactive material is being introduced into the marine life in the Pacific Ocean. Not only that but Blue Tuna has already shown readings especially on the west coast of the USA. Microwaving isn't as safe as we thought either. The morphing and denaturing of proteins is also a questionable practice. Have you ever super-heated water in a microwave. Well, whats water made out of? Hydrogen and oxygen, the jury is still unsure medically what that causes , but we super heat hydrogen in weapons grade atomic products. As we perfect genetic engineering we will see more "Franken-fish" weight nearly ten times more than a normal fish. What does this genetically enhance or modified material do once it is consumed? A new technique that promises to make more beef available makes "synthetic hamburgers" by taking the stem cell from the muscle tissue in a cow. It then grows the material in a test tube adding various composites for taste promising to be the way most the world will taste a burger of the future. Guess what, medical experts say they don't know, but nutritional experts state the immune system is being affected by GMO(genetically modified organisms). Today we eat so much MSG we think when we see it on the label that it's a natural ingredient. It causes numerous immune problems along with anaphylaxis(blood pressure drops to zero) and obesity, too. It's in a lot of fast food and snack products. But, what about all the antibiotics that's in animal products , today? Does it cause any harmful effects. Have you heard of the overuse of antibiotics in human patients causing resistance, well similar things happen in animal products. Oh, let's not forget about the toxic side effects unneeded antibiotics to our children may have, right? Most of the french fries and other deep fried fast food has something in it called Acrylimide. Scientific studies show the long term effects of consuming causing cancer. Deep cooking and blackening foods causes a chemical reaction in both the protein and fatty part of meat products. These products release oxidizing agents called PAH/HCA. Known scientifically as Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Heterocyclic Amines they cause various types of cancers over time. Another harmful product produced with overcooking or burning food is AGE. Many of our processed meats as you may know aren't always 100% meat and are by a "thickner" to give some consistency to it called Carragenon which causes colon cancer,multiple sclerosis and obesity. Another "enhancer" placed in hamburger products is "Pink Slime". Pink slime is a chemically enhanced ammonia product. Many foods still use an old but effective method of storing and preserving called nitrates. These salts are especially used in Asian countries and cause stomach cancers. In recent years even the FDA has found in its studies that food preservatives, dyes and artificial flavoring and coloring are indeed a hazard and should be eliminated from the diet. Hasn't stopped the food industry one bit. Even food wax used for preservation and adding that extra luster is toxic. Another obscure type of preservative is BHT (butylated-hydroxy toluene). Used as a coloring agent it causes cancers and allergic reactions. Your babies are not safe either with a product in some plastic bottles called BPO that effects their growth and development. Many fast foods are wrapped in Polysterene products, a potentially cancer causing agent. What about our water system? Even skipping raw sewage and industrial waste discharged into rivers and streams daily, the high concerns and negative neurological health effects by flouride and chlorine The sugar substitutes being utilized by soft drink and snack companies are eye popping as the uses of high fructose corn syrup (from genetically modified corn) is one of the biggest causes of childhood obesity today. Aspartame is frequently used in diet soft drinks and juices. Aspartame is a derivative methanol or "wood alcohol. It is well documented to cause neurological tumors, seizures and neurological deficits in humans and current studies are looking at the high probability of it being involved in cardiac disease. Sucralose is another sugar substitute that is used in both regular soft drinks and diet drinks. Sucralose was discovered accidentally as a component in a pesticide. Early studies in the 70's had looked at the animal studies that showed cancers being associated with Saccharin. The jury is still out on Agave, but preliminary reports are not promising. But even closer to home is animal fat sources that contain very high cholesterol as well as trans fats found in favorite fried foods such as french fries. Both are related to heart disease and in cancer. Serious allergies to a food component known as Gluten is associated with consuming wheat or wheat flour products. Gluten causes an enteropathy that effects the G.I. tract exacerbating Gluten-enteropathy and is associated with Celiac Disease. Daily exposures to non-ionizing radiation(ELF/NMR) is different from radiating ionizing radiation we see with x-rays that create injury burns and cancers from the outside in. ELF/NMR injures from the inside out. These include cell phones, lap tops, desk tops, tablets and smart meters.Preliminary studies show a relationship to brain and other types of cancer.Our lives are exposed daily to Carbon emissions from cars and benzene from petroleum fumes at gas pumps as well. These lead to cancer. From the moment we get up in the morning we seem to make ourselves a target of toxins in our home. Carbon Tetra-chloride from shower head and Dioxin from some homes can cause cancer. When we pick up our clothes at the cleaners several toxins are used that can cause bladder cancer as well As well as Potassium Bromate. How can consumers begin to protect themselves? Start simply by reading your labels.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Coke Is Dipping In Sales?

After a large backlash against several soft drink beverage companies for putting toxic substances in as sugar substitutes, particularly in Europe and now USA, the super soft drink maker Coke is seeing a decline in its 2nd quarter profits by roughly two percent. The earnings revealed however are still a hefty $2.7 Billion USD. Ironically that's one percent of the annual contribution of ACA/Obamacare(final estimates of ACA is 2.7 Trillion with funding at approximately 270 Billion USD annually). But, it's summer and ice cold soft drinks ought to be flying off the shelves or so we would assume unless you have a government backed lawsuit against you. The state of California has allowed a class action lawsuit against the Coca Cola Company to proceed against its Vitamin Water low calorie soft drink(sport drink).The lawsuit states that Vitamin Water is being misrepresented as a "healthy" drink that Coke says can reduce the risks of disease. Those bringing the case forward say that this is a blatant mislabeling and false advertisement promoting false claims. This occurs on the heel of a major campaign by the Coca-Cola Company boasting of new safer sugar additives along with low cal drinks as new products and smaller portion sizes. But, health and consumer advocates are catching on. Coca-Cola as well as its main rival PepsiCo.(Pepsi Cola) still put High Fructose Corn Syrup in their regular colas which is known to be the preeminent cause of childhood obesity. The cola giants also add a 2nd artificial sweetner in their regular colas called Sucralose which was first discovered and used in pesticides. But, wait, that's not all. Most diet cola beverages contain the artificial sweetner Aspartame which is very well documented to cause brain tumors and seizures due to its methyl alcohol component. You be the judge....Is Coke " The real thing"?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are You Tired of Drug Recalls and Alerts Yet? Part 3

It's happened again. Another Drug Alert a drug that is in a class already that has brought great scrutiny not only by the medical and consumer protection agencies , but by consumers and makers of these drugs. Lipitor is a classified as a statin. Statins were named in studies where a high correlation of muscle disease along with liver and neurological problems have been reported by its users. Now, comes along a new report by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that shows that Lipitor(Atorvastin) increases the chances of causing Type II diabetes(T2DM). The phenomenom is noted to be associated with those with risk factors for developing diabetes already such as high cholesterol, high glucose and overweight and obesity. Now, how ironic is that? This has already sent shock waves through the medical world where billions of dollars in pharmaceutical sells are booming in a sluggish economy. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg as litigation with personal injury and medical malpractice cases will burden the already cash strapped medical system News about pancreatic cancer being associated or being caused by drugs that treat type 2 diabetes has arisen. Particularly being named are Byetta, Januviam, Janumet and Victoza. Where are consumers and the sick to go when the very medicine that is supposed to cure them of a disease actually could cause the disease or or worse illness? The healthcare system is broken much further beyond just fiscal responsibility or better admisnistrative leadership. This hits at the crux of medicine, which is "do no harm", by those providers on the clinical frontline. This puts the physicians in the cross hairs of an already litiganous society. What set backs are we to have in the pharmaceutical world. Worse yet, why hasn't oversite on clinical trials been more restrictive and aren't raising the bar on quality assurance. It couldn't be that some in the FDA re partnering with Big Pharma in the fast tracking of potential billion dollar products and nice job positions once they go into the private sector? It is time to look at healthy alternatives to dangerous type 2 drugs such as the herbs Gynemma or Chromium Picolinate for starters. It is time the healthsystem educate the community especially children about diabetes as a consequence of obesity which is due to lack of exerixde, overeating carbohdrates and beverages with high sugars. Bring in the food , beverage and pharmaceutical industry and hold them to a higher standard of production. Because it is there products that are effecting health. Ironically they are creating obesity and diabetes which is more "industry" for one another. This needs to be scrutinized by an outside independent group as well as the Inspector General. Heathcare costs are spiraling out of control, yet the foods, beverage and pharmaceutical industry are contributing to it. Its time to rethink our model and go to the crux of the problem-greed in the system.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Year's Weight Loss Resolution: Hows That Working Out For You?

The battle of the bulge is perhaps greater now  more than ever in our life times and ironically it may be due to our accessibility to more leisure and the tech that supports it . We know how easy it is to "pile on" the extra calories beginning in November so that if there is any guilt association to it, we can all shed those pounds with a new weight loss regimen for New Year's. But, as usual that doesn't seem to be as easy as it sounds. It appears each year we lose the motivation to keep up a new program maybe from the pressure of the commute, forgetfulness  or boredom.

The American College of Cardilogy in 2012 just released a report stating that anyone who participates in sedentary "screen-related" leisure activities(computer, television, texting,  gaming etc...) appear to have a higher rate of non-fatal and fatal heart events. Those who participate in those activities  for more than 4 hours may have a 125 % higher risk of these events happening. If thats not enough the stress of life is adding to more insomnia. Studies are showing a realtionship between lack of sleep and type 2 diabetes.So, it may not be possible just to sleep on this problem.

A combination of stickiness of blood, fat and inflammation all may somehow work in a metabolic derrangemnet increasing chances of heart attack or other problems. Heart specialist are now making further claims that even if you do exercise and diet, the good effects could become neutralized by this high amount of inactvity with a screen device.

Long term studies have evaluated how well diet or exercise do to keep weight off and the 5 year results aren't looking that promising . If can be difficult to maintain a regular workout to keep weight off . Diet alone keeps weight off for at best 6 months and after 2 years all weight that was lost will begin to creep back to where you started.

Health professionals are quick to point out the statistics of morbidity and mortality,  but, many consumers are not totally satisfied with taking NSAIDS(non-steroidal anti-inflammatory meds) , lipid lowering drugs(Statins) or medicines for diabetes. This may be due to personal reasons , costs ,  or side-effects. Old habits are very hard to break after a few weeks into the New Year. So, what else can we do that are healthy alternatives to prevent  even getting into these conditions in the first place expecially if we are already exercising and dieting?

We tend to overlook that metabolism is all happening on a cellular level and that bio-nutrients such as vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and enzymes are assisting us. There was a time when all foods were organic and we didn't have to "re-supply" (supplement) the lack or the loss of these nutrients continously with commercial sources of them .  Re-supplying has become a necessary protective measure to help improve lifestyle. By doing that we may improve morbidity and mortality to more serious matters.

Along with regular prescribed exercise at the level of tolerance to improve cardio-pulmonary resistance such as daily walks, one can also obtain nutritional support on a cellular level that helps reduce the dangerous maechanisms of cardiovascular disease, naturally.

Organic anti-inflammatory products such as Nattokinase, Niacin, Omega 3 oil(DHA) have been found to help reduce the "stickiness" of blood cells. To obtain these one can eat more fish, take capsaician, cayenne pepper, or eat more berries such as strawberries and cherries. It is beleived that inflammation of cells in the blood and along the blood vessels wall causes clotting to occur leading to heart attack and stroke.

Natural anti-clot products that may improve your lifestyle may include Nattokinase, Guarana, cayenne, and the flavonols in dark chocolate. Today we take lots of aspirin, coumadin, and newer blood thinners to reduce clot formation, however they may cause bleeding especially to those more predisposed or have current bleeding diseases(ulcer, cancer, past stroke , post-op surgery, etc...)

Much of improving your cardio-pulmonary resistance to perform exercise is based on the amount of oxygen carrying capacity to you have. Low red blood cells in anemia and narrowed blood vessels create oxygen debt which can lead to "oxygen death". Many drugs are used to open up blood vessels. These same properties are bio-available in organic products as well.

Alternative vasodilators that help open up blood vessels to allow more perfusion and oxygen include magnesium, nitrous oxide, pycnegenol, arginine,and ginko biloba. Drinking beet juice is a good source for nitrous oxide.  There are reports that Goji berries can be beneficial for this problem. The herbal plant Hawthorne has proved to be supprotive as a dilator as well.

To help lower blood sugar by improving the utilization of extra calories from high "sugar" substances one may want to consider adding the mineral chromium picolinate or the herbal Gynema.

Using sugar alternatives from adding fruits in your meals , using the natural sweetner Stevia or substitute with Xylitol are healthy alternatives along with raw organic honey and molasses.

There are many many more organic bionutrients that can offer micro -nutritional support on the cellular level  along with a healthy diet and  regular exercise .

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

00-D: Vitamin D The Secret Supplemental Agent

A new paradigm shift has already begun to take place in the medical nutrition world  recently in regard to vitamin use and more specifically, Vitamin D. We used to think of its use mostly for the treatment of bone disease, however,  new light has been shed on its function in assisting glucose control, insulin resistance, increased body weight,  high body fat, the brains control of hunger,  and  perhaps the biggest surprise...reducing the risk of  type 2 diabetes.

Vitamin D sends signals via a hormone made in fat cells to the brain centers that tells your stomach to stop eating. This satiety signal is what gives you the urge to stop eating a meal. The hormone  that does the actual  signaling is called Leptin. Studies at Aberdeen University in Scotland show those with low vitamin D have low Leptin. Those also with low vitamin D had less control of eating and higher obesity. This may be due to more obese  subjects body mass that over absorbs vitamin D in body fat , so less availability of active vitamin D is  in the blood.

A Canadian study showed that women with normal vitamin D levels had lower obesity rates as well. According to a Norweigian study more obese people may have less of a potential to convert inactive forms of vitamin D to active vitamin D thus causing an increased risk in obesity.

But, vitamin D seems to help the release of insulin the hormone that helps regulate absorption of glucose and helps balance fat.

As vitamin D helps you lose weight, the weight loss will turn back to help you improve vitamin D production.

It appears that vitamin D helps restore sugar balance, fat balance, helps control hunger, helps lose weight and reduces risk of type 2 diabetes.

This means the connection of insulin resistance( risk of type 2 diabetes), high blood sugar, high triglyderide fat, obesity and high blood sugar , all together which are  known as the Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome could possibly be reduced with the use of vitamin D being  present in one's diet.

References include:
Dr. Helen Macdonald, Aberdene University Dept. of Medicine and Therapeutics
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Obesity TV: Watch and Grow

New studies report a 20 minute reduction in life for every hour watched. The "Couch Potato Syndrome" doesn't appear as cute and cuddley as it was meant to portray in earlier days.

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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is Dr. Spock Rolling Over Yet About Baby Formula Ingredients ?

The late Dr. Benjamin Spock, the world's reknown pediatrician, might not like what he would see today in baby food. Have you ever looked on the back of formula feedings for newborns  and really read what we are giving our newborns ? Many of us might be shocked, confused or downright upset at some of the additives we just might see on the labels. Although formulas have improved over the years they do not compete with the superior quality of  mothers milk by far. Newborn's are not just merely "little humans" , they have a physiology and growth pattern as well as immunity totally different than adults. The hydration and mineral status is also quite different which also means organ systems such as the heart, lungs and kidneys respond differently as well.

Whats in the modern formula today? :

Gerber Good Start
Cow's Milk
Coconut Palm

Good Start soy Plus
Soy Isolate

Enfamil ProSobee:
Triple Garud for Eye, Brain and immune system
Stomach sensitve

Enfamil Premium Infant

Similac Sensitive

Similac Advace

Enfamil Gentle Ease

Gerber Good Start Plus contains some good oils like Safflower in it as well as Omega oil DHA. Omega oils are good antioxidants, help the brains development and  posses anti-imflammatory capacity. The Arachidonic acid(ARA) also helps brain development as well. Safflower helps to keep bad cholesterol down.This formula is a great source of many vitamins   such as fat soluble vitamins A, K,D, E.   It contains, Panothenic Acid, calcium and potassium.L-carnitine, which  seems to help mobilize cholesterol for better metabolic utilization, too.

However , some children might find sensitivity to whey an alternative protein to mikl proteins as well have intolerance to the sugar Lactose in it.It might be questionable what the corn-maltodextrin benefit is as well in relationship to high carbohydrates that transforms later  into tirglycericdes.

Similac Sensitive  for Spit Up is packed with plenty protein but , also especially with  carbohydrates including corn syrup ,  rice starch and  table sugar(sucrose). Those are of some real concerns in case you haven't noticed.

Yet , this formula does contain a relatively comparable good source of thiamine, L-carnitine, Riboflavin and fat soluble vitamins. There are several minerals in it as well.

It  also contains DHA and ARA  for baby brain development as well.

Similac Sensitive for Fussiness & Gas Also contain high carbohydrates sources from corn maltodextrin, sucrose(table sugar), Galacto-oligosaccharides( a complex starch).

The Lycopene it has has been shown to be protective of prostate disease in males in older populations. This may prove to be a benefit early for male newborns.

Some formulas now contain soy based protein. Soy is used as  an alternative to cow's milk based formula and has been known to have good calcium sources for bone development and soy lecithin is now used as well to help with central nervous system development. However, any soy-based formala with soy isolates may need to be questioned as soy isolates has been come under scrutiny as inducing problems. Soy raises other issues as it does have phyto-estrogens which look much like estrogens. The isoflavones of soy may prove of benefit , but other considerations must be also taken in making your selection choices.

The Real shocker for  being a high sugar source   are electrolyte sports drinks sources. Not all are made the same. Some commercial pharmacies  and baby specialist stores are making their own versions.

Many contain high amounts of dextrose(glucose-sugar), Fructose,  Sucralose(artificial sweetner) and another artificial sweetner called Acesulfame. If that is not enough, many contain artificial fruit flavors. Sucralose was ariginally discovered in the creation of pesticides.

Some electrolyte drinks contain unkown chemicals called FD&C Yellow 6?!

What are the artificial fruit flavors in these electrolyte and kiddie sport drinks and better yet what are they doing in there? What are the  chemicals. Is there a need for the high amount of sugar calories in some of these formulas and is it necessary?

The high amounts of carbohydrates in foods has been known to being a pirme source for creating an overweight(BMI) status later in development of children and cause obesity as well. There is evidence that mothers who overeat and produce high amounts of  intruterine fluid during pregnancy and  have larger babies are at risk themselves for having diabetic newborns.

The good things that formula feedings have in them do need to stay, but the unexplained flavorings, dyes, chemicals, extra sugar, artificial sweetners and high amounts of sugar calories may need to be measured by the risk -benefit it offers.

The CDC and the American Academy for Pediatrics have both seen a sharp rise in childhood obesity and premature acquired disease including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and liver failure in children. Many reports are pointing at fructose types of derivatives or  high fructose corn syrup as a major contributor. Perhaps at birth and pre-natally we need to count our calories more often if not at least consider their sources.

Consult your local pediatrician for further advice or the American Academy of Pediatrics for further advice on how to decide what is proper formula for your child . Learn about the more important  and superior passive immunity breast feeding may offer over formula feedings as well. Although some formula now state they offer "immunity" protection. You should ask what does that really mean and ask about the probiotics that is in some formula.