Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Coke Is Dipping In Sales?

After a large backlash against several soft drink beverage companies for putting toxic substances in as sugar substitutes, particularly in Europe and now USA, the super soft drink maker Coke is seeing a decline in its 2nd quarter profits by roughly two percent. The earnings revealed however are still a hefty $2.7 Billion USD. Ironically that's one percent of the annual contribution of ACA/Obamacare(final estimates of ACA is 2.7 Trillion with funding at approximately 270 Billion USD annually). But, it's summer and ice cold soft drinks ought to be flying off the shelves or so we would assume unless you have a government backed lawsuit against you. The state of California has allowed a class action lawsuit against the Coca Cola Company to proceed against its Vitamin Water low calorie soft drink(sport drink).The lawsuit states that Vitamin Water is being misrepresented as a "healthy" drink that Coke says can reduce the risks of disease. Those bringing the case forward say that this is a blatant mislabeling and false advertisement promoting false claims. This occurs on the heel of a major campaign by the Coca-Cola Company boasting of new safer sugar additives along with low cal drinks as new products and smaller portion sizes. But, health and consumer advocates are catching on. Coca-Cola as well as its main rival PepsiCo.(Pepsi Cola) still put High Fructose Corn Syrup in their regular colas which is known to be the preeminent cause of childhood obesity. The cola giants also add a 2nd artificial sweetner in their regular colas called Sucralose which was first discovered and used in pesticides. But, wait, that's not all. Most diet cola beverages contain the artificial sweetner Aspartame which is very well documented to cause brain tumors and seizures due to its methyl alcohol component. You be the judge....Is Coke " The real thing"?