Sunday, August 11, 2013

Are Food Labels Helping?

Just what does our food and beverages contain. What are we really putting into our mouths everyday? Whats behind the numerous chemical ingredients on food labels that we can barely pronounce? Yet, in still we shove loads of the stuff "like it's nobody's business" at the rate of tons. What happens when the American consumer doesn't want to read a label by just turning the product around for a quick read? Wake up, folks, you've been found out and the corporations know you don't read the labels and don't care what you put in. Not only that, they know you're too busy "pigging out" and the difficult scientific names on the label doesn't hold your attention either, at least not like the cool colors of the packaging. Guess what? Some food and nutrition advocates have done some of the work for us and this is what we are putting into our mouths, exposed to, breathing, or drinking regular in America. First off, our food as animal and plant products are grown with very harmful chemicals called pesticides. Some of these pesticides have been used in chemical warfare products such as Agent Orange. Not only that we have harmful herbicides, fungicides as well. The Bt toxin is a brilliant piece of genetic engineering because the gene of the product from a bacterium acts as a host to make its own pesticide through genetic modification inside the crop it is protecting. Bt is used in pesticides and produces a poisonous endotoxin(Cry Toxin) that is supposed to just kill insects...and you eat it because it's in the crop product! The prestegous journal Reproductive Toxicology showed that the Bt toxin is not neutralized in human blood! The European Food Safety Authority has just announced that there are several pesticides that encode a viral gene's material(CaMV) into a crop. These viral genetic materials are transgenic moving from the plant host into the human consumer causing cancer.Other toxic pesticides to look for are those containing glyphosate which is used a s a weed killer and Atrazine which cause cause endocrine and hormonal disruption. Many animal products are packing lots of hormones, too. Have you noticed the very hefty cows and chickens lately. The growth hormones, estrogen and testosterone(which are steroids) in them is enough to grow whiskers. Does it appear to you that the average American pre-teen is quite precocious in growth and secondary adult features? What could it be? There are many household pesticides that contain components in them that also contain estrogen-look-a-like products adding to the hormonal balance of a pre-teen. Girls get more mature and boys get more "feminized". But , we are subject to food that has been irradiated as well. Well when you x-ray something you expose it to Ionizing radiation which causes all sorts of blood and solid cancers. But are we are that 400 tons of radioactive material is spilling from the Fukushima Nuclear spill site. This radioactive material is being introduced into the marine life in the Pacific Ocean. Not only that but Blue Tuna has already shown readings especially on the west coast of the USA. Microwaving isn't as safe as we thought either. The morphing and denaturing of proteins is also a questionable practice. Have you ever super-heated water in a microwave. Well, whats water made out of? Hydrogen and oxygen, the jury is still unsure medically what that causes , but we super heat hydrogen in weapons grade atomic products. As we perfect genetic engineering we will see more "Franken-fish" weight nearly ten times more than a normal fish. What does this genetically enhance or modified material do once it is consumed? A new technique that promises to make more beef available makes "synthetic hamburgers" by taking the stem cell from the muscle tissue in a cow. It then grows the material in a test tube adding various composites for taste promising to be the way most the world will taste a burger of the future. Guess what, medical experts say they don't know, but nutritional experts state the immune system is being affected by GMO(genetically modified organisms). Today we eat so much MSG we think when we see it on the label that it's a natural ingredient. It causes numerous immune problems along with anaphylaxis(blood pressure drops to zero) and obesity, too. It's in a lot of fast food and snack products. But, what about all the antibiotics that's in animal products , today? Does it cause any harmful effects. Have you heard of the overuse of antibiotics in human patients causing resistance, well similar things happen in animal products. Oh, let's not forget about the toxic side effects unneeded antibiotics to our children may have, right? Most of the french fries and other deep fried fast food has something in it called Acrylimide. Scientific studies show the long term effects of consuming causing cancer. Deep cooking and blackening foods causes a chemical reaction in both the protein and fatty part of meat products. These products release oxidizing agents called PAH/HCA. Known scientifically as Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Heterocyclic Amines they cause various types of cancers over time. Another harmful product produced with overcooking or burning food is AGE. Many of our processed meats as you may know aren't always 100% meat and are by a "thickner" to give some consistency to it called Carragenon which causes colon cancer,multiple sclerosis and obesity. Another "enhancer" placed in hamburger products is "Pink Slime". Pink slime is a chemically enhanced ammonia product. Many foods still use an old but effective method of storing and preserving called nitrates. These salts are especially used in Asian countries and cause stomach cancers. In recent years even the FDA has found in its studies that food preservatives, dyes and artificial flavoring and coloring are indeed a hazard and should be eliminated from the diet. Hasn't stopped the food industry one bit. Even food wax used for preservation and adding that extra luster is toxic. Another obscure type of preservative is BHT (butylated-hydroxy toluene). Used as a coloring agent it causes cancers and allergic reactions. Your babies are not safe either with a product in some plastic bottles called BPO that effects their growth and development. Many fast foods are wrapped in Polysterene products, a potentially cancer causing agent. What about our water system? Even skipping raw sewage and industrial waste discharged into rivers and streams daily, the high concerns and negative neurological health effects by flouride and chlorine The sugar substitutes being utilized by soft drink and snack companies are eye popping as the uses of high fructose corn syrup (from genetically modified corn) is one of the biggest causes of childhood obesity today. Aspartame is frequently used in diet soft drinks and juices. Aspartame is a derivative methanol or "wood alcohol. It is well documented to cause neurological tumors, seizures and neurological deficits in humans and current studies are looking at the high probability of it being involved in cardiac disease. Sucralose is another sugar substitute that is used in both regular soft drinks and diet drinks. Sucralose was discovered accidentally as a component in a pesticide. Early studies in the 70's had looked at the animal studies that showed cancers being associated with Saccharin. The jury is still out on Agave, but preliminary reports are not promising. But even closer to home is animal fat sources that contain very high cholesterol as well as trans fats found in favorite fried foods such as french fries. Both are related to heart disease and in cancer. Serious allergies to a food component known as Gluten is associated with consuming wheat or wheat flour products. Gluten causes an enteropathy that effects the G.I. tract exacerbating Gluten-enteropathy and is associated with Celiac Disease. Daily exposures to non-ionizing radiation(ELF/NMR) is different from radiating ionizing radiation we see with x-rays that create injury burns and cancers from the outside in. ELF/NMR injures from the inside out. These include cell phones, lap tops, desk tops, tablets and smart meters.Preliminary studies show a relationship to brain and other types of cancer.Our lives are exposed daily to Carbon emissions from cars and benzene from petroleum fumes at gas pumps as well. These lead to cancer. From the moment we get up in the morning we seem to make ourselves a target of toxins in our home. Carbon Tetra-chloride from shower head and Dioxin from some homes can cause cancer. When we pick up our clothes at the cleaners several toxins are used that can cause bladder cancer as well As well as Potassium Bromate. How can consumers begin to protect themselves? Start simply by reading your labels.