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Nutritional Love Potions

It seems that with longer life the renewed interest of enjoying all of life's simple pleasures has stayed longer on our minds. If we are living longer we have to take care of our bodily "equipment" longer to get the best things out of life for not only ourselves , but for our loved ones such as our love mates.

There have been more senior men and women who are participating in lovemaking and are rekindling the excitement that once in another age would have passed them by. The issue of Erectile Dysfunction (ED) has not only affected the senior population , but men who are fraught with diabetes, vascular insuffiency, mental blocks, pscyhological-emotional problems, lack of testorenone, alcohol and drug related problems causing ED. The resurgence in the interest of ED was noted when Senator Bob Dole participated in a television commercial for a prominent drug company. This sent millions of men to their doctors in a hurry and a slew of prescription drugs for this problem began. No sooner had the pharmaceutical interest in conquering this problem did a side effect involving blood pressure and prolonged painful erections began.

The question still remains does "one size fit all?" That is if there are various causes for ED does this mean that only one method(drug, surgery) can solve all these various causes for the same problem?

Men have had to resort to torturous injections and cumbersome implants to combat these problems especially when vascular and neurological issues were the cause. Why would a man with a emotional-psychological cause have surgery? Why would someone with Leiriche Syndrome with plaques obstructing the vessels to the anatomy take an anti-depressant for that.

In the case for women, menopause raises its "ugly" head too often for interfering in the regular sex lives of women in the peak of their lives. The Oprah Winfrey Show garnered much attention when she discussed openly about the problem of vaginal dryness, vaginal dysfunctions, dyspareunia( painful intercouse), or the case of women unable to obtain orgasm at all. Her show focused mostly again at pharmaceutical approaches to this problem with testosterone creams and ointments as well as prescription estrogen for many of these ailments. However, longterm uses of both of these can cause cancers as a side effect. Again numerous women have resorted to surgery to repair their anatomy including clitoro-plasties and pelvic surgeries to help prolapsing or falling uterus.

Again are drugs and cutting the only way to recapture the last remaining essence of pleasure in the "climax" of your peak years?

Thermogenix( has explored alternative healthy natural ways that are organic in nature that can address several issues we encounter with this problem. Again , the question remains, do all "Nano-nutritional" agents work the same or are they meant to be taken for everyone for different underlying problems. So explore the literature and experts more about them here.

For hundreds of years indigenous and native populations have known the secrets to nature and how to sustain potency in their private lives. Herbals have always been an essential component of the "cycle of life" when it came to sexuality.

In South America, particularly Brazil -Amazonian populations have utilized various agents and Brazilian academics have taken note to this large anecdotal and historical use and resorted to their own contemporary studies that are well documented on how efficient they work.

Power and sustaining one's potency to "last" has been noted with the herb Guarana. It is a thermogenic agent that gives a boost of energy and has been reported to reduce the stickiness of platelets . This vascular effect might be enough to keep the circulation unimpeded for sinuses to swell and give that "bigger" quality.

Catuaba is another herbal that is used for its aphrodisiac power from Brazil as well. It works by enhancing libido. Another Brazilian aphrodisiac , Muira Puama, helps especially for those who can not tolerate Yohimbime or Yohimbe which are derivatives of a specific tree bark from Africa.

The South American herb Blue Passion( Passiflora Caerulea) also enahances libido by reducing the breadown of testosterone. Iporur is very well utilized particularly by women in the Amazon and is claimed to assist even in infertility as well.

In Asia natural aphrodisiacs have been known also for centuries . Those that have gained wide noteriety include Ginseng( Korean Ginseng) and Epidmedium, known infamously as the "horny goat weed".

As mentioned earlier, Africa has been a cornucopia of wealth when it comes to natural aphrodisiacs. Yohimbine and Yohimbe are derviatives that enhance libido for both men and women. women have been noted to have success with using other herbals to awaken their "inner senses" to greater climaxes. These include Pine Pollen, Anise, and Damiana.

A chemical used as a "vaso-dilator" for increasing blood flow in penile sinuses is nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide can be obtained in supplement form and acquires very good results that are lasting. It helps deliver more oxygen to the vessels and muscles to give men greater cardio-vascular power as well to improve performance in various activity.

DHEA is usually mentioned for body builders and weight lifters , but it contains aphrodisiac powers too.Other sensual activity is enhanced by it as well. So , you get a kind of two in one.

Numerous supplements taken individually or mixed in a variety of ways have helped men with ED such as L-arginine, 5-HTP, vitamin B-6, and Choline. these formulas are to be seen on a case-by-case level , however, have been noted to be extremely effective anecdotally!

Prostatitis , BPH( prostate enlargement ) and prostate cancer are rising because of our longevity , as we are still looking for cures, perhaps the best way is to prevent prostate problems from happening at all. Besides getting a prostate check annually ; adult men can do something else. They can take advantage of "Nano-Nutrition" to reduce the chances with Lycopene from tomatoes whcih as antioxidant power and the nutrient Saw Palmetto. Saw Palmetto can inhibit the dangerous conversion of testosterone into DHT , the form that is related to cancer. Soy has also been implicated as a healthier food choice in the prevention of prostate problems as well. Further studies are looking at this more clinically while nutritional reviews apparently have given the green flag on these possiblities already.


Scientist are looking at better solutions for women with menopausal symptoms. As recent studies are indicating the cardio-vascular risk of taking long term estrogens( heart attack , strokes and cancer), newer and more "green" forms of addressing this are now available. Phyto -estrogens from soy sources are one of the best alternatives now that can help. Doctors are prescribing natural progesterones and phyto-estrogens in different forms. Prometirum is another alternative for these symptoms as well.

Black Cohosh seems to regulate many mood swings associated with PMS.Evening Primrose seems to help through an essential fatty acid , GLA. It helps regulate estrogen and vaginal dryness .Aloe gel may help relieve vaginal dryness while Calendula may help with vaginal itching. Ginseng along with vitamin E may help reduce hot flashes and can be taken with Vitex.Fluid retention can be reduced with Dong Quai and Peony Powder . There are may other herbals I discuss that help menstrual and menopausal symptoms for women in my book "Thermogenix" ( ).


Couples need to communicate more and workout together more often. Plan to do this as regularly as possible. Having your own time to workout helps you "work out" situations. This type of forum helps de-escalate matters before they blow. Stretching together , then massaging each other enhances ones sensuality in a relationship. Be creative with it. Put rose petals in the bath, wine & dine at home to relaxing romantic music. Change roles sometimes . Guys you cook and "ladies" you initiate love maneuvers more often . Yes, this is one time you can "be easy" in more ways than one.


There is an exercise that both men and women need to know to enhance their sensuality and sexuality as far as improving their performance with one another. It is called the Kegel. There are muscles that keep the vagina taunt . These muscles can be felt when one squeezes one's own gluteus (buttock muscles) tightly such as when voiding and then stopping immediately. This can be done for 5 to 10 seconds and released. This exercise has been known to give women greater orgasmic experiences as well as help vaginal wall weakness.

The stop and(start) void method or Kegel is good for men too because it helps control premature ejaculation, incontinence and allows for greater control of gaining sexual climax. Your parnter will appreciate you a whole lot more if you practice that one!

Dr. Marcus Wells MD, MPH is a previous Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute(NIH/NHLBI). He holds a Master's from Emory University. He has also served in the Health & Humans Services(HHS), Public Health Service(PHS) and Commissioned Corp.

Enjoy these ideas and remember to always ask an expert about the supplements, herbals or "Nano-Nutrients" when you start. Learn more at .

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Where and How Bio-Metabolites Work as Bio-Fuels

The mention of "Nano-Nutrition" is a new paradigm shift in how we must all relate to our foods as Bio-Fuels.It is being introduced by Thermogenix( . Long gone are the days of seeing food as merely a luxury for taste and style. Food is an essential component to our daily lives, our state of the national economy and the health of a nation. Thermogenix is the concept that brings us the idea of "Nano-Nutrition" as Bio-fuels.

When we think of how we breakdown foods into their components the ever changing food pyramid comes to mind. But, even it is limited. The food pyramid doesn't really break it down for us to conceputalize fully what those foods really are in their most basic form nor does it show that foods overlap in many categories.

Thermogenix reveals how the food pyramid and other models miss discussing how proteins are broken down into categories called essential and non-essential amino acids, or how carbohydrates are broken down further into various simple and complex carbohydrates and misses describing how fats are broken down into saturated , unsataturated, trans fats and essential fatty acids.

But, the ovelapping circular model of Thermogenix ( )not only includes these explanations, but it includes herbs, vitamins, minerals, anit-oxidants and supplements including water as "foods". They are all consumable and are eventially broken down into chemical components called Bio-fuels. This is the concept of "Nano-Nutrition" and the idea of "Micro-Dieting" as opposed to the realm of seeing everything from a macrobiotic point of view. It is actually the Microbiotic level where everything really is working!

In this concept proteins are broken down into essential amino acids that have to be obtained from only external sources and into the non-essential amino acids that are made in the human body. One of the largest repositories of protein in the human body is muscle and much of our muscle is made up of creatinine as well. Muscles need to be replenished by healthy protein sources that come from amino acids. Many minor amino acids act as muscle energizers in the form of creatine. Another is from pyruvate which the body utilizes when the muscle undergoes oxygen debt during exercise(anaerobics). Because creatinine and creatine can hold higher energy phosphates to make ATP , one of the highest energy products in the cell , use of these components are far superior to pyruvate. Lean muscle mass can be built up also by exercise, like isotonic or aerobic types of activity that helps the most important muscle in the body, the heart. Isometrics in shorter intervals are less effective for overall systematic support , but do play an important supporting role. Exercise raises the level of metabolism to burn fat which helps build leaner muscle as well.

Healthy protein sources can include a variety of foods. Basic ones include:
Red meat: beef, lamb and pork
White meat: chicken and fowl
Fish:Marine fish and freshwater
Shellfish: crab, lobster, shrimp, oysters
Organ meats: liver, pate, etc...

But, their are perhaps even healthier protein sources we need to look at that have lesser implication when it comes to heart disease and cancer. These include:

Fermented soy

However, be certain of any gluten, wheat or dairy allergies when utilizing these alternatives depending on your sources.

An even greater source gaining much favor in athletes and vegetarians alike are:

Nuts: Almonds are good for the heart
Brown rice

Be aware that Lacto-proteins like cheeses and egg albumin offer some benefit depending on your metabolic type and your body fat. Again, remember the Wells Overlap model where some foods fit actually into more than one category.

With lack of protein in our diet we may find that our hair and nails become dry and brittle or the skin turgor is not as great so we seek more wrinkles. Weakness, malaise, and fatigue prematurely are other generalized symptoms are common also. Muscle wasting seen in malnourished inviduals are extremes of this in Kwashiokar and Marasmus.

We are seeing today how addicting carbohydrates can become to all of us. Like anything else eating in moderation is the key. But, the science of addiction science is now looking at the wiring of our brains . This science explains how we eat sweets to raise levels of biochemicals like serotonin to reduce depression or obtain "comfort" , thus the name "comfort foods". The sweet is a subsitute often acting as a surrogate for something else. These foods are literally altering mood as we eat them and some can almost cause an "orgasmic" or euphoric high while if and when they are witheld can mimick or cause actual withdrawl.

But what are complex and simple carbohydrates? They are what we eat practically everyday from the supermarket. Complex carbohydrates include fruits and vegetables. They add fiber so that the absorption rate of glucose is not as rapid like that of simple carbohydrates we find in breads, cereals, cakes, pies, and candy. Often a "sugar rush or high" ensues after eating and then a rapid low or "crash" occurs with these. Fiber also helps the transit time in which our gastro-intestinal tract moves to sweep out un-digested material. Monosaccharides like glucose give us short energy and can be beneficial for athletes in quick exercise. Some amino acids like DMG can be converted to glucose to give your muscles the energy from tiring out too quicly in competition or work outs that have smoother absorption rates. Other simple sugars are fructose(corn sources), maltose , galactose(syrup sources) and lactose(diary source)But , other simple sugars include diasaccharides such as table sugar. It is estimated the average American consumes 150 pounds of table sugar annualy!

The greater challenge today is trying to get children and some adults from the highly addictive and highly commercialized HFCS ( high fructose corn syrup) which is in just about all snack foods we see in the supermarket from cereal, cakes, cookies, candy , chips and sodas. Pediatric authorities have come out strongly against this form of carbohydrate because how much it is utilized , but for an even greater developing problem. That is the rapid rise in pediatric diabetes, fatty liver disease and even cardio-vascular problems due to its over-use. It is believed that a high population of those with liver dsyfunction will arise in the next generation of Americans due to this carbohydrate. This has a direct expense on healthcare for us greatly in the coming future.

Be aware of foods with aspartame which is implicated in toxic neurological problems including epileptic-type results and brain tumors. Saccharin was shown in animal studies to be related to cancer. Many of these "artificial sweetners" are heavily used in sodas.

Today it is known that Stevia and Xylitol offer the two top alternatives in our diets if we chose an alternative sweetner . Both are "green" alternatives to simple sugars . Stevia comes from a green leafy plant from South America and parts of Asia. It is known to be hundreds of times sweeter than simple sugars and doesn't cause hyperglycemia or related problems such as type II diabetes nor tooth cavities. One will not experience the "crash" one gets with simple sugars using this either. Xylitol has received a recent endorsement by certain dental authorities as the preferred alternative sweetner and is known to cut down and prevent cavities in teeth!

Today one of the biggest epidemics pushing upwards of over twenty million is Diabetes. As diets become higher in fats and carbohydrates and as activity becomes less and less we are becoming a "bigger" nation , literally. Obesity, overweight status and the Metabolic-Cardiovascular Syndrome(Syndrome-X which is associated with hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, over-weight, and heart disease) are all on the rise. The first thing is to try and prevent these metabolic derrangements of our blood by eating more complex carbohydrates , then try to exercise by simply walking.

Sure, today we see that we can help reduce rising blood sugars in our daily lifestyle by adding a mineral called Chromium picolinate. It helps stabilize blood sugar from rising too much or too fast and can help aborption rates of the sugar while at the same time help build lean muscle mass . This mineral can also help improve your body fat composition. But, there may be an even better choice in a botanical (herbal) called Gynemma. It is from a green leafy plant that does practically everything as chromium. These agents do not mean you can stop taking your insulin or your oral hypoglycemic agent(OHAs), however those who are battling stability of blood sugar before becoming a diabetic or someone who already is, this may be an alternative or additive to assist and make you less dependent on OHAs

Fats are not only good they are essential even cholesterol. The liver also produces cholesterol besides us eating it from external dietary sources. This cholesterol is the important component utilized by our brains fatty material called sphingomyelin and the fatty vitamins( D,A,K,E) as well as making natural occuring anti-inflammatory agensts called prostaglandins. The fats are used by the lipid layer of our cells to help emulsify agents and help in the gating-control of osmosis. So, fat is essential . What we have to understand is that fats have to be controlled. The amount we intake and the types we consume have to be monitored in the diet. The easy accesibility and the "taste" that commercially utilized fats give us is ever so tempting especially in fast food restaurants.Saturated fats have gone under fire as the main culprit because of cholesterol. But, we just shown you how cholesterol is good . Well, actually it is both good with the right quantity and quality , but can be dangerous when they are too much. But, realize when fats are "oxidized" in the blood and are at a very high level, they can harm the inner surfaces of vital arteries like the coronaries in the heart. This along with clogging the artery with platelets and calcium are the "combined" cause of angina, artery spasm, and heart-attack. Free oxygen radicals and a process known as Peroxidation are being looked into as potential causes of cardio-vascular events , but other causes that have been presented are immune causes and bacterial, particularly from poor dental hygeine. So, understand that whole process. This is also why anti-oxidants are important to the heart. Some studies have ironically even shown that poly-unsaturated fats(PUFAs) could actually be the culprit and not saturated fats. I believe that it has to be more of a "combined " cause regardless , that involves a process.

Of course we eat them everyday practically and they are in our organic supermarkets. These include coconut oil and canola oil. Coconut oil has been looked at by several sources to improve immunity , prevent certain cancers and act as a anti-bactericidal. Go back to the beginning of the section on fats to review how fats are needed.

Fats are important and fats are needed and some fats like Omega 3 oils help reduce the bad cholesterol known to us as LDL. Cholesterol has to be taken into consideration as a total number. But , more importantly you must look at the level of the LDL and HDL known as the good fat indivially, then even more importantly is the ratio of your LDL to the HDL. We have discussed above the sources of increased saturated fats, these dietary sources happen to be the same sources that cause increased LDL. So, what helps us increase the HDL? Exercise and wines(both red and white). Garlic and onions have been mentined as well as an ancient Indian agent known as guggul are known to help reduce the rising cholesterol as well .

What are alternative fats that we should be using:
Flax oil
Flax seed oil
Olive Oil
Omega 3( Marine fish) DHA, EFA, GLA, Cod Liver
Omega 6
some Omega 9 (be careful how and when used)

The key agents we have to utilize more of are Nano-Nutrition because heart disease is the number one killer . These include anti-oxidants. We just explained the harmful effects of "oxidation" in the body that are believed to produce heart disease and cancer. The idea of anti-oxidizing agensts is used to detoxify these harmful chemicals .

Vitamin C
vitamin E
Super Oxide Dismutase
Co-Enzyme Q 10
Grape Seed Extract
Pomegranate Extract
Co-enzyme Q

These are the ones that are most powerful, easily accesible and mostly utilized today and are commercially available. Always check and make sure you obtain them from a reputable source.


L-Carnitine has proven invaluable because it is known to be a fat carrier in the cell. It will transport fats from adipose to be delivered to the liver for higher utilization. Mitochondria , the powerhouses of the cells also receive the delivered fats in other organ cells for energy, too. L-Carnitine is readily available as a supplement form as well.

In closing, try to get about 50 grams of protein and 25 grams of fiber daily. Be aware of your salt intake keeping it from 0.5 grams to 4 grams daily. Your body fat , if you are an adult female should be below 32% and between 15-22 % for males. Keep your BMI(body mass index) below 30. Make carbohydrates between 50 - 60 % of your daily intake about which 75 % should come directly from complex carbs. A total cholesterol below 200 mg/dl is also ideal.

Dr. Marcus Wells, MD, MPH is a previous Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute(NIH/NHLBI).He has also served at the Health & Human Services(HHS) , Public Health Service(PHS) and the Commissioned Corp.


Go to to learn more about these and other Nano-Nutrition and about how to use Nano-Nutrition as daily Bio-fuels daily.

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Promote Your Metabolism Based on Your Metabolic Type

It has been assumed by many commercial and even academic dietary experts that all diets and dietary agents are universal. That is to say that when a new diet or dietary supplement comes out it is as if that "one" method can be utilized the same by everyone.

Thermogenix has proven that this isn't true. Our clinical and academic studies as well as numerous supporting data show that there are at least three(3) main metabolic types with several sub-types.

Before we get into the three primary metabolic types , we need to understand a little bit about metabolism. Metabolism is the system that unifies all other systems in the body( neurological, cardio-vascular, pulmorary, GI etc...). Without understanding how metabolism works we can't use it properly to effect the changes and maintain the balanace our body needs.

The cell is the basic unit of metabolism where it houses the engine of metabolism called the "mitochondria". These powerhouses churn out energy by a Thermodynamic electronic processes in the face of oxygen that can produce 18 times more energy when your food is delivered into the cell! They are able to do this because there are numerous biochemicals (supplements) that boost energy in a cellular "turbo" called the TCA. If those "Nano-Nutrients are utilized in a combustive process with adequate oxygen, more energy is derived.

This is a Thermodynamic process that follows similar laws of physics. Every individual has a different metabolic rate based on the quantity of food and the quality of nutrients they consume along with balancing energy with activity. This is energetics.

Here is a parallel of how it works. You don't put the same type of fuel in a Volkswagen "bug", a Mac truck or a Ferrari , do you? Nor would you do the same for a weight lifter, a diabetic or an eighty year-old grandma. The same analogy is drawn with us in our daily lives when it comes to different metabolic types and the specific fuels they need.

There are three (3) basic metabolic types. These include the fast metabolizer who oxidizes foods rapidly, the slow metabolizer who burns calories slowly and the mixed-variable type whose metabolism is almost totally "out -of-whack".

The fast metabolizer can burn foodstuffs so fast that they feel hunger and symptoms of hyperglycemia rapidly. They may sense light headidness, dizziness, and fatigue just after eating. Because of this rapid rate of metabolism they will require more dense calories and perhaps boost snacks inbetween. Dense calories are not just meats. They also include protein sources from soy, whey, casein, brown rice, lentils,beans and lacto-proteins(dairy).

The slow metabolic individual is seen often in the diabetics with type II diabetes or those with the metabolic syndrome( insulin resistance, heart disease, high blood sugar, over-weight or obese). They tend to accumulate calories (anabolic-type). Control of appetite and focusing on more calories from complex carbohydrate sources such as fruit, vegetables and fiber becomes more important for this group.

The 3rd group with "mixed-variable metabolsim" are what the majority of us in our "fast food -fast paced" culture probably fit into. These are people who work the grave-yard shift or more than one job, doctors on-call for 36 hours straight, partiers and students who do " all-nighters" and let's not forget those who get the majority of their calories from fast foods, junk foods, genetically modified, irradiated, canned, smoked, herbicide-insecticide-herbicide treated, estrogen, growth hormone, aspartame laden, HFCS, MSG, artifically dyed, chemically preserved, PAH, HCA,high trans fat, acrylimide laden foods.

To add to that , the mixed -variable type doesn't have as much time to let the body rest, sleep, eat properly , get "Nano-Nutrition", leisurely exercise, has short lunch breaks and longer work hours.

A kind of "toxic-culture" is developing out of this third group and it is here that Thermogenix wishes to make an impact along with the other two as well.

Supplements are the biochemicals that are utilized in the cells engine, called mitochondria. The "turbo-boost" inside the mitochondria called the TCA -cycle can generate a lot of energy for us who are victim of this "toxic- food culture" and for those that have lowered immune resistance. Biochemist and botanist have known this for years it's nothing new. The supplements we do not take time to know about replenish us so that we can stay balanced, it makes sense!

Thermogenix is the paradigm shift that chooses to see health as all related in a more holistic paradigm not just sub-compartmentatlized. Metabolism is the system that unifies all other systems of the body. It is about time we start taking care of ourselves by going back to nature. Trying more organic and greener foods and Bio-fuels will help keep you balanced. Why, because Life is Energy!

Dr. Marcus Wells MD, MPH is a previous Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute. He holds a Master's in Public Health from Emory University. He has also served in Health & Human Services(HHS), Public Health Service(PHS), and the Commissioned Corp.

"Do something Thermo-dynamic today", learn more at

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Cellular Metabolism and Microbiotic Dieting

Perhaps, these days too many of us appear to "yo-yo" in our diets or "get out of whack" when it comes to trying to maintain a balance in our weight and fat composition. For too long many of us have been focusing on trying to only look at whole foods rather than understand that foods are "Nano-Nutrition" that act as bio-fuels on a cellular level.

For too long we have only valued exercise as an esthetic method of measuring our beauty factor when exercise "boosts and drives" the engines that accelerate metabolism called brown fat. It has been shown that brown fat contains an extremely high amount of cell "turbo boost" fat burners called mitochondria.

This method of understanding fat mass, burning calories , and increasing lean muscle mass is the essence of metabolism or the methods of Energetics. Metabolism is a thermodynamic process and much like the Law of Thermodynamics food acts a fuel. In the face of oxygen we can "burn" calories , but like a car engine emissions, our body creastes waste by-products called free oxygen radicals which can be created . These are very toxic to the body because they can potentially create chronic illness, heart disease and cancer.

To look at food as Nano-Nuturition is how "Microbiotic Dieiting" works as opposed to Macrobiotics. To be able to see exercise as a means to raise the level of metabolism is essentially the science or energetics and ergonomics. The human body has components that mirrors machinery . We can apply and extrapolate entropy similarly.

Metabolism can be raised or lowered based on the types of foods you eat and the amount of them you consume. Activity can also lower or raise the level of metabolism based on its acceleration factor. However, the average person trying to fit into their highschool dress or bikini or prepare for an athletic event is bored by the monotonous sound bite of just "diet and exercise" is all you need to lose weight. Not only is this message not enough. It's not sexy enough!

Today herbals, supplements, anti-oxidants, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins are the "missing-link" that medical doctors and weight loss specialist either under-utilize or either they themselves are not educated enough on them to discuss, educate or recommend to others. Don't blame them, however, its their restricted curriculum.

Men have to be aware that tomatoes contain Lycopene that might slow down or prevent the risk of prostate enlargement or cancer. Saw Palmetto is also making an impact as an antioxidant on reducing symptoms of prostate problems . Saw Palmetto reduces the conversion of the male hormone testosterone into DHT, the form of testosterone associated with prostate cancer. Soy for men is also a beneficial food alternative to help with this in the diet.

Women , too, can now benefit from Black Cohosh to reduce symptoms of menopause or better yet Evening Primrose. Soy, particularly fermented soy containing phytoestrogens may prove a benefit to both men and women when it comes to trying to protect against prostate cancer and breast cancer.

There is a lot to learn and more research to be done but, for now there is hope. The paradigm shift has begun in health , right now at this moment. Thermogenix is going to put the "care" back into healthcare!

Dr. Marcus Wells MD, MPH is a previous Clinical Associate from the Natinal Institutes of Health at the National Heart , Lung & Blood Institute. He holds a Master's from Emory University . He has also served at the Health & Human Services(HHS), Public Health Service(PHS) and the Commissioned Corp

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A new paradigm shift in dieting, weight loss and healthy lifestyles is about to take the health world by storm. Taking on the slogan that "One size doesn't fit all" , Thermogenix solves the age old questions of weight loss by taking out the mystery of dieting, exercise and metabolsim( .

Thermogenix is not only changing ,but improving our attitudes about a "greener", more natural way to stay healthy and fit by utilizing organic supplements that are already made in our bodies or acquired through organic fruits and vegetables. However, the average person is often times frought with too many challenges of the day including:

lack of time
lack of sleep
lack of information
shorter lunch breaks
longer work hours
longer commutes
less rehydrating with water

Thermogenix realizes that we tax our bodies further in reducing "Nano-Nutrition" by microwaving, over-cooking, grilling, consuming foods with trans fats, irradiated foods, genetically modified foods, hormone induced foods(estrogen and growth hormones), antiobiotic laced foods, pesticide-herbicidal-insecticde ridden foods, Aspartame, MSG, Saccharin, HFCS(high fructose corn syrup), smoked foods, fast foods, artificial food coloring and dyed foods,foods with acrylimide, artificial food colored, chemical preservatives, carcinogenic induced oxygen free radicals, and carcinogens like Heterocyclic Amines(HCAs) and Poly-aromatic Hydrocarbons(PAHs).

Because everyone has a different metabolic rate, Thermogenix takes the time to define your BMI(body mass index),BMR(basal metabolic rate), RMR(resting metabolic rate), WHR(waist hip ratio), WC(waist circumference), and FFM(fat free mass). Thermogenix knows that these factors are individual factors that determine how much fat you burn and how much lean muscle mass you build, therefore neither diets nor excercise regimens can be "universal". A healthy regimen is based on your own "individualized" metabolic factors.

For instance you don't put the same fuel in the tank of a Volkswagen "bug", as you would a Mac truck or a Ferrari! Neither do you give the same diet regimen to an eighty year-old grandmother, a professional athlete , or a diabetic, do you?

There are no secrets, just a "real" understanding how biochemist and botanist have explained how it all works in the cell's mechanics of utilizing supplements . Nano-Nutriotion like vitamins, enzymes, anti-oxidants, and herbals all create a thermodynamic process to oxidize food and use it as bio-fuels more efficiently.

Just like in the Law of Thermodynamics in physics, the equation of biological thermodynamics can be applied to balance your metabolism tremendously by following the simplist regimens in your daily lifestyle. Whatever calorie that goes in must come out by some method. It is up to you to decide which means is more energy efficient and healthier for your body's systems.

Dr. Marcus Wells is a previous Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute. He holds a Master's degree in Public Health. He has served in the Health & Human Services(HHS), Public Health Services(PHS), and the Commssioned Corp.

While you are at it, check out more information in how to fortify your daily regimen to make you fitter, stronger, healthier, younger,sexier and energetic at

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New Web Site Launches

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New Web Site Launches

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