Thursday, February 25, 2010

Can Nano-Nutrtion, Micro-Nutrients, Nutrtional Support and Exercise Subsidize Healthcare Cost?

This week is a major week in healthcare reform as the administration has invited both memebers of congress to an open forum to speak about the rising cost of healthcare. The key points are on policy and the fiscal development to fund a "new idea" for provisions for some form of healthcare, but doesn't yet provide the implementation for practitioners as how to do it. How can this be? One can not go without the other.

But, perhaps one model will address the "fiscal and physical" healthcare issues. There is a direct correlation to rising healthcare costs and one major problem , Obesity which is the "Mother of All of chronic illnesses".

Obesity and being overweight contribute more to heart attacks, high blood pressure, high choesterol and triglycerides, diabetes, cancers, polycystic ovarian disease, pancreatic dysfunction, liver dysfunction, pulmonary disorders, depression, eating disorders, arthritis, gout, gall stones, and poor self esteem more than any other factor in our society.

If a "culture" of wellness is going to be developed that takes on attacking this major problem seriously it will have to address prevention through, more leisure activity and organic based nutritional support. But, let's not forget what is perhaps the "missing link" in a healthy lifestyle that seems to be always over-looked and widely under-estimated , the factor of Nano-Nutrition which include: vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, and herbals.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta described for us already the cost of an hourly rate in a surgery suite as being on average $3000. A first time or annual physical can be $200-500 , some monthly supply of drugs can cost over $250 -$500, administrative costs are rising, quality assurance-utilization review are expensive, defensive medicine, and medical liability are all causing the system to become way too costly.

Now, enters Nano-Nutrition which with the Thermogenix Plan( can allow you to promote health by improving cellular metabolism. It is the cell that is where all the body's "micro-processing" occurs. This is very intricate micro-dieting where literally trillions of biochemical reactions/per second are creating and converting food into super bio-fuels to make energy. This focus is the heart of Microbiotics unlike seeing things from the whole food and organ system level or Macrobiotics we've become all too familiar with.

Natural Nano-Nutrition include supplements that can help reduce blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, reduce body and blood fats as well as help fight against carcinogens. Nano-Nutrtion help the cells make more efficient use of your foods by eliminating free oxygen radicals as well with the use of antioxidants allowing your cells to fight off other toxins.

The issues of insomnia, depression, lack of energy, immuno-suppression, sticky platelets that create clots, building up lean muscle mass, reducing prostatic problems in men, menstrual problems as well as menopausal issues in females along with sexuality issues for both are addressed with Nano-Nutrition-supplements.

This could potentially cut a large proportion of chronic illnesses in appearing and may even reduce acute care incidents(heart attacks, angina, accelerated blood pressure, keto acidosis or hyperglycemia, asthmtic attacks and more). Can you begin to imagine what the savings would be ?

Nano-Nutrition along with a regualr lifestyle regimen of leisure activity and nutritional support can answer many fiscal and physcial health issues. It can do this for the fraction of the cost. Prevention , "real prevention" reduces the need of repeated tests which reduces the chances of errors as well. By engaging in daily lifestyle regimens as a part of one's life instead of seeing a physical health practitioner too often allows not only lower cost, but places the responsibility of health on the real focus, the individual. This shifts the entire focus on the real subject, literally! A lifestyle allows the individual to be more aware and cognizant of their body and be aware of changes. Educating individuals on what is a fat , a calorie, how metabolism works and also how to check for physical changes promotes prevention awareness.

Organic based Nano-Nutrition has less side effects than the synthetic(artificial) pharmaceutical counter parts. Many drugs require weekly or monthly blood levels which are an additive cost measure.

By converting physicians and other allied health providers into "lifestyles coaches" that work as a team of fitness trainers, nutritionist, dieticians, herbalist, biochemist, and behaviorist ; a lifestyle change could have a health affect on a community for improving its eating habits and promote its lack in exercise.

Don't get me wrong, this is only the first part of the "Prevention and Wellness Campaingn" with this paradigm shift. The other half of the campaign would call for those from the Health & Human Services, Public Health Services, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, the foods industry( as well as USDA), and restaurant industry to commit to a prevention-campaign market idea of going "green" and natural. Companies would also have to commit to a worksite health promotion program in this campaign.

Now, put these two halves together. In a free market system incentive based results will be driven by a more altruistic approach of "healing". Without families , company employees, church members and communities becoming a part of something "much bigger" than themselves, the incentive based communal approach is defeated as health goal . Any other system healthcare becomes a luxury for just a few privileged elite.

Now , researchers who are actuaries can look at the data and extrapolate how "going green and moving more" can reduce morbidity and mortality. The healthcare system, now becomes a kinder gentler profession more like Marcus Welby and Dr. Kildare as opposed to the narcissitic "Lamborghini materialist" characters of "Nip-Tuck".

Botanist, herbalogist and biochemist can provide already known data that supports the potential reduction our toxic life style condition produces which is costing us not only our health but the savings for future generations.

Going "green" with healthier Nano-Nutrition is not only pragmatic it is practical and proven to be effective. It is now for the policy makers to integrate it as a recognized form of "complementary medicine" if you will, but Natural Nano-Nutrition has been known and practiced and well documented for over 5,000 years. It is not meant to be only used by labs and prevention health policy makers!

Leave mother nature to her own and she will find a way to re-balance everything, what we can do is be good observers and better custodians of our own body's!

Dr. Marcus Wells, MD, MPH is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute(NIH/NHLBI). He has a Master's in Public Health and has served at the Health & Human Services(HHS) the Public Health Service(PHS) and Commissioned Corp

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How Nano-Nutrition, Microbiotic Dieting, Bio-fuels, Vitamins, Antioxidants, Minerals, Herbs and Supplements could balance Your Healthcare Costs

Today on CNN the broadcasting of "Anderson Cooper 360" featured Dr. Sanjay Gupta reporting about the astounding mark ups on surgery suite equipment as well as that of medical clinics. First off , Dr. Gupta stated the average surgery suite is about $300 an hour. Sutures used for sewing up a wound cost about $1200 and an Itravenous bag(IV) could run $280.

Much of the cost we don't see in the surgery room are administrative costs and other fees tacked on due to the manufacturers cost of doing research and development and warrantying their product . The other cost alluded to , but not mentioned are liability and legal costs.

Dr. Gupta mentioned how one patient was charged $38,000 for a C-section that required just two days in the hospital.

Why are these costs rising? Partly due to health insurances rising at a meteorotic rate, pharmaceutical R & D, and the cost of physician care. As medical liability rises for practitioners we will see more GOOD doctors leave the practice of medicine because of these astronomical fees! But, what may take the "cake" is the new proposed legislation for healthcare which has gone from the $ 100 Billion a year for ten years to the newly proposed $200 Billion a year for ten years!

Many of us are frustrated by these fees and feel totally impotent by the huge bureaucracy that faces our law making system and policy making procedures. What can you do pro-actively besides write your congressmen? While lobbyist are pushing their agenda ,you've got to be taking care of your health, NOW!

One of the things the public and private sector that is associated with healthcare policy has to do is "shift the paradigm" altogether to a more preventive mode and see the real problem in this system. The "mother of ALL chronic diseases" is obesity (Please read earlier article : Obesity the Mother of All Chronic illnesses). That means prevention, nutritional support and (leisure) exercise has to be re-examined as a real remedy to the cost to the human body and the budget.

But, unlike the monotonous , stale and too over the top clinical messages about diet and exercise as the ONLY way to maintain health, we've got to utilize the "missing link" in all of this. The missing link is Nano-Nutrition which includes vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes, herbs and supplements. These bio-fuels re-connect us to a more natural form of health. In other words we've got to "go back to go forward"!

Back when this country was a more agrairian society we got our Nano-Nutrtion naturally. But, with the advance of technolgy our foods have become exposed to losing vitamins, nurients, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants by processes that add antiobiotics, growth hormone, estrogen, irradiation, microwaves, HCAs, PAHSs, HFCS, MSG, chemical dyes, artificial food coloring , dyes, genetic modification, trans fats, acrilimide, sodium, saturated fats, aspartame and saccharin into our food!

Going green and "moving" your body are really about the only two realistic alternatives with prevention to resolve a lot of the physical and fiscal problems of healthcare in this country. The First Lady of the U.S.A has set some good examples with planting gardens and her new campaign to combat childhood obesity(Let's Move). They both are attempts to exemplify what we must do individually to take responsibilty for our own health while congress is "battling" ad-nauseum about this issue. By the time you get your response back from your congressmen , how many more toxic exposures will your body have endured?

Dr. Marcus Wells, MD, MPH is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute. He has served at the Health & Human Services(HHS) Public Health Service(PHS) and the Commissioned Corp

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Are You Tired of Drug Recalls and Alerts Yet? Part 2

As more and more of us are living longer we will become more exposed to the potential of acquiring chronic illnesses. This has led to greater cost demands of healthcare in the future, but are we inadvertently creating illness via foods that have antibiotics, estrogen, growth hormones, genetic modification, irradiation, microwaves, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, PAHs, HCAs, MSG, HFCS(high fructose corn syrup), Trans fats, acrilimide, fast foods and artificial dyes ?

What are the health implications that pollutants in the air, water and ground we walk upon have on our bodily systems? Today there is the growing concern of the toxicities, side effects, contraindications, and iatrogenic effects of medicinals in what we take as treatments. Synthetic and artificially made products we call drugs are making a even greater impact on our bodies with effects we don't want to have.

Pharmaceuticals are being utilized at an unbelievable rate perhaps even in scenarios ten or twenty years ago we would have brushed off with a "mom's chicken soup" approach to tending to our ailments. However a whole classification and "culture" of dis-ease has been born out of this . We are looking more today as healthcare professionals are practicing medicine in degrees of sickness as a norm rather than designing solutions of prevention. So much of their time is wasted in practicing defensive medicine ans QA/UR paper work!

Recently we have seen how therapies for restless leg, and mood change, women's occasional irregular cycles , or minor aches and inflammation "have" to be treated with a drug. Pharmaceuticals "do" have there place and "do" work effectively in situations that require there assistants, but 75% of the garden variety situations we've described above are not they.

Today we are seeing either drug recalls or medical alerts about the use of Avandia an oral hypoglycemic agent causing heart failure, fluid retention and now heart attacks in some studies. The oral hypoglycemic agent Byetta is noted to be related to causing hemorrhagic and/or necrotizing pancreatitis. Singulair is an anti-inflammatory agent used for asthmatics and has been related to causing certain neurological and pscyhiatric problems along with mood swings.

Accutane , the famous acne drug is related to birth defects and other mental health problems. The famous class of drugs for the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction such as Cialis has been associated with decreased hearing, tinnitus(ringing or buzzing in the ear) as well as dizziness. The first studies for Viagra showed some concern for men who had blood pressure issues and there were even reports of sustained painful erection.

Anti-inflammatory agents called COX2 inhibitors were known to cause gastro-intestinal bleeding, and cardio-vascular risks increased. Both Celebrex and Vioxx are in this category. Flomax used to treat benign prostatic hypertrophy(BPH) has been noted to casue eye problems.

Drugs called Statins that lower cholesterol by inhibiting a liver enzyme recently were found to cause a painful sore muscle disease called myopathy along with rhabdomyalysis, the destruction of muscle cells and liver problems. Other types of cholesterol lowering agents like Zetia and Vytorin loss there endorsement by the American Cardiology Association because they seemed to casue more incidents of plaque build up in the arteries increasing risk of stroke and other cardio-vascular incidents.

So, what is going on? We are conditioned to pop a pill with anything today because it has become quite commercial. A real campaign of prevention in health looking at reducing what has to be the "Mother of all chronic illneses" , obesity has been mild in comparison. Obesity is associated with heart disease, stroke, heart attack, diabetes, cancers, polycystic ovarian disease, liver disease, arthritis, asthma , sleep apnea, depression, eating disorders, high blood sugar and increased body fat and much much more. How can we not see this as our plan of attack? To wage a war on the largest epidemic in today!

It will take a lot to pull both the private and public sector into creating a "culture of wellness" , by putting prevention , fitness , wellness and nutritional education way out in front.

But, there is another area that is greatly overlooked and lacking. It is an area of science where Nobel Laureates have described in detail and biochemist have shown to be where all of life is generated and maintained. It is called the human cell. Nano-Nutrition and bio-fuels were found out to be the basic building blocks of supplemental compounds that nourish and fortify a healthy balanced life. These supplements include vitamins, antioxidants, herbals, minerals, enzymes, nutraceuticals, and botanicals.

But, somehow the medical community has shyed away from their uses . These are the same compounds that are in green, red, yellow, and orange vegetables and fruit in which commercial processing is now destroying. Why not utilize Nano-Nutrition as an effective method to help or prevent growing chronic illnesses more often? In the end we may not have any better alternative than prevention. Remember what grandma use to say: "an ounce of prevention..."

Dr. Marcus Wells, MD, MPH is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute. He has served in the Health and Human Services(HHS) Public Health Service(PHS) and the Commissioned Corp

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Are You Tired of Drug Recalls and Alerts Yet?

Most Americans can't help but to recognize that the governments top drug administrator has been overly busy in the last few years with many pharmaceuitcal warnings. This has been born out of a rash of television ad campaigns that asks everyone to "ask your doctor". In the mean time some of the biggest recalls of medicines have occured in the last two decades. What is the cause of this and what is the solution for such a rampid amount of recalls, alerts and warnings? Are there alternatives to this that can favor our outcome in health?

Let's first look at some of the biggest recalls that have impacted us and see how we can navigate from the situation.

In 1997 , one of the largest scares to hit the "Dieting Community" was with the combination of "Fen-Phen". This remarkable combination of "speed-like" medicaton helped many lose weight , but became a hazard for diet. The combination was known to cause heart disease such as left ventricular thickening as well as PPH or primary pulmonary fibrosis. Unfortunately there were several fatalities from this. Today Phentermine is still safely utilized when used by itself. The fenfluramine has been updated to the dexfenfluramine type , a serotonin re-uptake inhibitor. However serotonin re-uptake inhibitors are the mainstay of modern psycho-pharmacology in treating depression and other mood problems . Ironically , they too are known to cause more depression and suicidal ideation in some studies.

After this problematic combination , drug manufacturers started to look more at the gut rather than the brain to solve problems with diets and fats in the diet. A new approach came in the form of Xenical which comes over the counter today as Alli. The idea did solve the neurologic and cardiac association and the psychoactive involvement with serotonin re-uptake inhibitors , but now created very soupy diarrhea that was extremely foul smelling because of the acidic fats in the stool. It worked, but there was a price to pay. Latest studies of Alli have found there to be some serious liver involvement in question to its usage as well.

Enter, now the fiasco with some class of meds known as "statins". Becuase of their name ending with "statin" they have been nicknamed as such. These drugs were also thought of to be ground breaking and promising for fat lowering of cholesterol and triglycerides as well. The ACC(American College of Cardiologist) suggested that drugs like Zetia may not have slowed down fatty plaques for stroke or heart disease, but actually sped them up. Zetia blocks cholesterols absorption in the gut. Unlike "statins" that block a cholesterol producing enzyme in the liver. Statins were found to cause liver disease and severe muscle soreness from destroying muscle cells. The pigment of which can be harmful to the kidney.But, moreover these class of drugs were found to be related to muscle weakness associated to the nerves that innervate them.Heart failure as well with cognitive symptoms have been assoiciated as a side effect. But, some reports are now relating an increased rate of cancer as well.

Today several oral hypoglycemic agents taken by those with type 2 Diabetes , particularly Avandia have been found to have serious side effects associated with them. Avandia was noted to be associated with having heart attacks in maybe over 83,000 people.

Perhaps we need to start with the culture we are living in that is exposing us to fats such as saturated fats and hydrogenated fats(trans) that are in popular foods. Another substance found in french fries causes poisonous oxidation of fats to create future heart disease and perhaps cancer called acrilimide.

Exposures to foods with other caustic agents such as genetically modified foods, antibiotics, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, irradiation, micro-waving, HFCS, MSG, PAHs, HCAs, Aspartame, Saccharin, and chemical or artificial dyes coloring and preservatives offer further concern.

What we breathe in the air and drink in commercial beverages and our water sources is becoming another larger problem.

With this new technology from the emissions of automobiles, factories, radiation from machines that have ionizing and non-ionizing effects are all a part of a much greater concern.

Are there alternatives to drugs that can act as agents to help the metabolism burn fats more efficiently or control appetite smoother? In a nutshell-emphatically yes! The alternative to synthetic(artificial) drugs called Anorectant Agents(AMs) are Nano-Nutrition made from plants or either in the human body called Thermogenic agents.

The herbal guarana represents perhaps one of the best and most efficient examples of a thermogenic agent that raises cellular metabolism. In so doing the body burns fat more efficiently, however, it only really does this IF the person is actively participating in some form of exercise. You just don't pop the guarana in and it works. One must have a exercise regimen of any type to get the full benefit of it. Guarana has been found in South American studies to reduce the "stickiness" of platelets .These small cells cause clots in the blood stream.

Other agents such as Green Tea offer antioxidant power along with raising metabolism safely. Cayenne pepper remarkably can do the same but has a unique anti-inflammatory component for you after your sore aches and pains of exercise.

Other possiblities are 7-Keto , DHEA, and Yerba Mate.

Hoodia, a South African plant has been looked at by both the pharmaceutical industry and botanical world as being a very valid appetite suppresant. Its patent was aggressively sought after , but fortunately was not obtained by Europena drug companies. This has allowed natural makers of its supplemental form to be very accessible and affordable. It works by "tricking" the brain into believing that there is more sugar in the body, which is the natural message of satiety. It works specifically at controlling your "carb craves".

Another excellent choice is HCA or Garcinia Cambogia. Also a plant by-product of a citric acid derivative. While it is controlling the appeite generally it helps you build lean muscle mass.

Some have raised their eyebrows about the rather dubious or conflicting evidence that garlic and onions may help in reducing cholesterol . It is no secret these are main staples in a Mediterranean diet and nutrtional and anecdotal evidence seems to support them in that particular lifestyle and may also for others some real benefit as well. Reducing your appetite for red meats is another way to prevent your risk to rising cholesterol. Exercise is another way to increase the good cholesterol called HDL and lower the so-called "bad" cholesterol while keeping the total cholesterol stable.

Eating Omega 3 oils from fish as well as oils such as DHA, ALA have been proven medically as well as nutrtionally able to reduce fats in the blood. Other great oil to act as alternatives are natural oils such as flax, flax seed, and safflower.

There are even benefits of canola and coconut oils as well.

The body produces L-Carnitine to help transport fat to the cells engine called the mitochondria, where they can "burn " the fats as fuels. It also comes as a supplemental.

But, perhaps Ayervedic medicine from India has provided naturally one of the key ingredients against high fat in the blood. This Nano-Nutrtion is called Guggul and works very well.

We have seen how dietary, nutrtional and activity regimens help lower fats in the blood. This is also applied to control of blood sugar. Exercise allows for better sensing of your own insulin and the receptors on the cells that absorb sugar. However, when this is combined with certain Nano-Nutrtion, you get a better outcome.

Studies have looked at how to control blood sugar better. Although some of us have no other alternative but insulin or even some oral hypoglycemics. Nutrtional breakthroughs are finding out that the mineral Chromium can help stabilize the blood sugar as well as help body composition. But, there may be even an equally or more effective plant based agent that performs the same function called Gynemma.

As we begin to see the problematic situation we are headed in today's healthcare, solutions have to be offered that are realistic, safe and effective. The only real way of doing that is changing the "toxic culture" that we exist in with a new paradigm that includes Nano-Nutrition as an integrated part of ones life.

Dr. Marcus Wells, MD, MPH is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart,Lung & Blood Institute. He has a Master's in Public Health from Emory University. He has also served in the Health and Human Services(HHS), Public Health Service(PHS), and the Commissioned Corp.

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Creating Nutritional Autonomy for Your Children

We sometimes get angry , frustated and a little depressed when it comes to trying to train our children to eat right. We often take a page out of our own up bringing when our parents would put food out on the table in mass quantities and with super dense calories and stand literally over us and demand that we "clean" our plates!

Now , think for a moment and contemplate what effect this one scenario alone has on the typical child's mind? If you are trying to establish good eating habits and develop your childs "ego" to have some autonomy, self-esteem and confidence about decision making, you may have just reduced those attempts if not destroyed it altogether!

'Granted" , conditioning behavior is the job of good parenting , but not at the sake of sacrificing the self-confidence of the child's ability to choose correctly and feel good about their decision. Choice is vital for a child's self- respect and dignity at home at the dinner table and at the school lunch table, so that this confidence will be resistant enough to deny unhealthy nutritional temptations later when they are not in your sight.

Today, there are too many distractions that compete with a parents ability to influence their child into healthy nutritional choices. There is television with its all too tempting adds and commercials of snack foods, cereals and hydrogenated filled chips. If that's not enough kids are "assaulted" mentally by numerous advertisement "hits" after school and now they have television channels dedicated soley to them. How can a working parent compete against this? Children now are influenced by what they see on computers, and what they hear on their Ipods,CDs and radios. But the biggest influence overall to a parent when it comes to proper nutrtional conditioning is peer pressure. To maintain social status and prevent from being an outsider, children will copy their peers eating pattern to be or stay popular.

The esteem of a child is being molded from birth onward and you are teaching your child how to have a relationship with food by certain attitudes about foods and even non-verbal cues to foods that they learn and are shown by you to them. So, if you do not choose or cook vegetables and fruit and eat mostly foods with processed high starch and extremely high trans fats -guess what? They later on will develop a certain proclivity to chose them, too.

Back to that dinner table and that "crippling" scenario of the parent demanding the child to clean up everything on the plate and let's examine the ramifications of this much further, because we've been on either side of the "plate" in this case. Children as early as age 2 or three will begin to develop a taste and appreciation for healthy foods because that's what you put on their plate and as their intellect grows you can begin to verbalize the healthier message to them. Even before they begin to sit at the "big" table with the grown-ups they should have a basic fundamental understanding of simple food groups and what they provide.

First, allow them to select their owns foods more often from those you've pre-selected and bought . If they are hungry they can select another helping. But, remember you have already stacked the deck by putting the foods you want eaten already so that they can now chose which ones to eat with confidence and to your liking.So, in essence simple reverse psychology puts you really in command and control of the situation always. Do not start off with stories of children in developing countries who are starving and do not get the opportunity to eat all the piles of food you have put on their plate and that they should be ever so grateful. Kids are far more sophisticated and can become complicated by these put offs. Also do not put in overly religious connotations or guilt trips on them for not finishing what you think what is a normal amount of food.

Third do not hold their dessert "hostage" by either not permitting them a favorite after dinner treat if they do not finish eating all of what's on their plate. You are conditioning them to overeat for something that most likely has more calories anyway.

Get your child in the habit of watching television and the commercials with you. Explain to them what you think is healthy on the commercials as well. Then, let them create a shopping list or even a budget of food items you think will be good for not just them , but one they think the entire family can benefit from. Then take them grocery shopping to pick and chose. Teach them how to read food labels like yourself. Explain why an item isn't chosen for the list and explain what are trans fats, saturated fats, high fructose corn syrup and dextrose even.

The earlier a child gets an appreciation for fruits, fruit shakes, fruit smoothies , fruit pop-sickles , carob and not chocolate , xylitol and stevia instead of sugar andbegin to prefer veggie burgers, and soy; the chances are that they will probably chose them independently of their peers as well and later in life. Also reward them for healthy choices , not only with other foods but with books, toys, activities such as going to the gym or a trip to a museum. Get them to attach healthy rewards with fun and tastey things that make them feel good.

Also get them accustomed to enjoying leisure fun activities such as swimming, walking, jogging, T-ball, dodge ball and dance. Include yourself in these activities and play along with them in physical games. When was the last time you played a good game of tag ? Now is your chance, but this time with your kids.

Parents , try not to take away the "power" , esteem and self-confidence from the developing mind of your kids when they try to make autonomous decisions about food. This might make them very self-concious about doing that later with peers and when faced again with independent decision-making the fear of being "negated" may cause them to fall as easy prey to external factors that are negative.

It is not too late to teach the kids about a vitamin, mineral, enzyme , or herbs. Let them begin to understand that these Nano-Nutrition are part of a smart balanced healthy lifestyle and can help prevent chronic diseases. Teach them where these fit in a healthy diet for "supplementing" your heatlh.

Childhood obesity has risen anywhere from 22-30 percent depending on your sources in some areas due to poor nutritional habits and choices. Childhood diabetes, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, heart disease, d even from school lunches not just junk foods and soda. Depression, eating disorders, anorexia and bulimia along with body dysmorphia are rising and are all related to poor food habits in a child's lifestyle. Prevention through educating your child and "arming" them with healthy behaviors that promote healthy choices through nutrition and activity will give them the advantage to live a higher quality life with a higher quantity of life!

Dr. Marcus Wells, MD, MPH is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute(NIH/NIHLBI). He has a Master's in Public Health from Emory University. He has also served in the Health & Human Services(HHS) and Public Health Service(PHS) and the Commssioned Corp. Dr. Wells also holds a Master's degree in Public Health from Emory University.

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The State of Fat in the Nation

Has it ever occured to you that there is a rapidly rising rate of obesity amongst adults, adolescents and children today? Latest studies show that of the 300,000,000 people in the U.S.A. , nearly one third are obese and nearly another one third are overweight by statistical weight and fat analysis in relationship to risk of morbidity and mortality. What does that tell us? That this common problem has become an epidemic the proportions of which have never been seen before for any illness or condition.

But, obesity didn't just sneak up on us one day. It became entrenched in our homes, schools and workplace as certain foods and lack of activity became a part of our lifestyles. Does that mean now that because a BMI(body mass index) over 30 has become the majority population that it should be accepted as the "norm" ?

The health professionals must now "shift the paradigm" and attack excess fat as a lifestyles battle not just a disease alone. Because if you do that you really begin to lose the size and scope of just how really dangerous and pervasive this problem is.

Obesity by itself is responsible for at least 300,000 deaths yearly . That's a direct cause in and of itself and this is probably a very conservative estimate. But, it doesn't stop right there. Obesity is the cause of several medical, nutritional, immune, neoplastic, emotional and psychological problems in our healthcare system. In medical schools they teach medical doctors to "not" treat the symptom , but rather the "root" why are we only going after the symptoms of obesity. It is again a lifestyle issue that requires a whole paradigm shift!

Obesity is a cause for heart disease. Not just heart disease by itself , but the broader cardio-vascular diseases. Because the fats like excess saturated fats and trans fats(hydrogenated fats) that accumulate in arteries and are oxidized occur .Now, we are seeing a rise in younger aged victims of obesity. Cardio-vascular disease associated with heart attack which can eventually lead to heart failure, strokes, peripheral artery disease(PAD), (MVD) microvascular disease of smaller arteries and even visual problems and (ED) erectile dysfunction are now common. Cardio-vascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality in the USA and is directly related to our nutritional intake and lack of activity. One of the most common diseases related to obesity is high blood pressure as well.Longterm effects of high blood pressure are stroke, kidney failure and heart failure which are serious systemic diseases.

Cancers have a direct relationship to the accumulated amounts of fats in the blood stream as well as the excessive amount of adipose storage. The fats again can be oxidized and neoplastic events occur that cause a propensity for cancer such as: breast, colon, and prostate. The more fat available means there is more chance of a neoplastic event towards causing cancer.

Diabetes is linked to obesity in over 20,000,000 Americans. This is due to the high cholesterol and high triglycerides. The tremendous amounts of sugar in the blood stream unphased by insulin are stored as triglyceride in the adipose tissue. A vicious cycle of high blood sugar and high insulin or poorly stimulated insulin leads to an anabolic state for type II diabetics which is the larger class of diabetes. Diabetes from mothers with gestational diabetes who pass it on inutero to their children is also growing. Another form of type II diabetes is from a rising use of a "alternative" forms of sugar called fructose. HFCS(figh fructose corn syrup)whcih is now a major nutritional and health problem in the pediatric generation which may create a whole new generation of liver disease(fatty liver) in the ensuing years .

The weight bearing joints can not take increasing weight . There is a limit and sooner or later the joints will begin to creak and ache and might even blow! This form of arthritis is called osteoarthritis. The "wear -and tear" begins to create loss of cartilage and grinding of joints. Knee replacement becomes a plausible result of this as well as the limitation in range of motion and mobility. This affects one's mood and psyche creating depression, anger, self-defeating attitudes about exercise and self-pity. Another form of arthritis called "gouty arthritis" or gout can occur from accumulated uric acid and fat. The tophi are extremely painful and cause swelling. Gout was called "the rich mans disease" because of the direct link to "rich" foods with fats.

High amounts of extra fats in the adipose tissue means more fats available in the blood as well. Our natural body steroids like estrogen, testosterone and corticosteroids are made from the backbone of cholesterol. When young girls have this excess amount of fat to make estrogen a very unusual "precocious" form of early onset puberty occurs while the opposite happens in young males who may take on a delayed purberty or "feminine" anatomy such as gynecomastia( premature breast buds). Excess estrogen then becomes the set up for estrogen sensitive cancers such as breast cancer. The implications for more estrogen than tetosterone are being noted as a pre-requisite in developing prostatic problems for men.

We discussed fatty liver diseases from excess fat. This can occur in the pancreas as well which is where insulin is made. Fatty deposits in the pancreas can cause inflammation or pancreatitis which is a very painful abdominal and exocrine gland problem. Higher amounts of cholesterol in the blood means a higher rate to developing gall stones in the gall bladder as well!

The lungs are greatly affected by excess weight from fat in the body. The fat can cause a restriction so that inhaling is limited. Fat in the thorax impinges on the throat and epiglottis as well. This is an upper airway form of asthma creating an obstuction to breathing. Obesity has the propensity therefore to cause both a restictive and obstructive lung disease. On rare occasions when obesity becomes very high and dangerous, fat in the neck, throat and thorax can lead to an illness known as sleep apnea. It is part of a wider syndrome called "Pickwickian Syndrome" .Carbon dioxide is accumulated and the person will have prolonged moments where they stop sleeping and often occurs during the day called narcepilepsy. It is very dangerous and can cause serious morbidity and mortality.

Restriction of fat within the throax and upon abdominal contents restricts movement of the ribs and diaphragm, thus limiting (restriciting) movement of important muscles of inhaling. Low capacity volumes inhibit the normal mechanics of breathing.

Immune suppresion from high amounts of fat particularly due to the increase of corticosteroids formed has been noted. The stress hormone reduces immunity and resistance and one becomes susceptible to many bacterial and viral diseases.

The metabolic problems from excess fat is high cholesterol, high triglycerides and high sugar as well. These metabolic derrangements are all associated with The Cardio-Metabolic Syndrome(CMS). the CMS is the main culpirt in causing the "unhealthy lifestyle culture" that is bombarding us with obesity, overweight, diabetes and heart disease occuring together.

Emotional problems from body dysmorphia, low self-esteem and eating disorders, bulimia, anorexia nervosa, and depression all can be related to obesity as well.

Newer " bizzare" lifestyle syndromes are attacking us today that were not around twenty years ago. Twenty years ago the television or maybe radio is all we had to distract us form exercise. Today there are Ipods, Ipads, PADs, lap tops, desk tops, portable DVD players, cell phones, portable TVs, headset radios, drive through and microwavable foods.

A new feature to this are comfort foods that are easily accessible to anyone in convenient stores. Snacks, pop up foods, micro-waved pizza are all called "comfort" foods and they do just that. But, studies are showing that a new "Potato Couch Syndrome" has arrived with Tivo , DVD, replay of programable television programs when added to late night movies by cable and satellite involves insomnia and hyperglycemia leading to diabetes. The sleep center is one of the areas controlled by metabolism. The later you stay up and offset the normal diurnal system, the hypothalmus and thalmus can not "re-set" adequately. Scientist are also documenting various types of food addictions that follow the same similar path as chemical addiction . When the "comfort food" that someone is addicted to is removed they may illicit a withdrawl response.


Children are "seduced" by cute jingles, shiney attractive colors and cute cartoon characters on Saturday mornings and after school just in time to get all the sugar and fat they need. To make matters worse some schools have candy and soda machines at school or near a school. As more HFCS is used today and other sugars like dextrose .How can kids concentrate in school for tests? To make matters worse school lunch programs are under seige and not too many curricula mandate physical education.


The commercial market from Madison Avenue to Hollywood has also had a role in this new "toxic culture" we've developed about nutrition. You and your kids are bombarded by thousands of commercials, sound bites and tunes and their subliminal messages affect your subconcious. These thousands of hours of "hits" have a cumulative effect on the psyche which can manifest physically, too. Many of the images of models are "hyped" or just plain unrealistic. We are chasing "cut outs and photo-shopped" images and want to look like them. The anorectic model who uses "whatever means" to look like that is not ever fully told to the child or even the grown up for that matter. We get frustrated by not being able to obtain these unrealistic images and quit whatever little progress we make with our method of diet and exercise and go "off the wagon". We end up "yo-yoing" out -of-control while "killing " ourselves to look like these "false images".


Today the food supply is laced with foods that have antibiotics, estrogen, growth hormone, genetically modification, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, PAHs, HCAs, Aspartame, MSG, food coloring, food dyes, chemical preservatives, HFCS, saccharin, dextrose, acrilimide, irradiated food and microwaved food.

The water supply has chloride and flouride, spillage from raw sewage, chemical plants and land fills with pharmaceuticals seeping into groundwater.

Our air is polluted with emissions from cars and all carbon based fuel engines, benzene from gas, other chemical plants as well.

We are bombared by ionizing and non-ionizing radiation from telephone lines and cell phones as well as cable buried underground .


Dr. Marcus Wells, MD, MPH is a past Clincal Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute(NIH/NHLBI). He holds a Master's of Public Health from Emory University . He has also served in the Health & Human Services(HHS), Public Health Service(PHS) and the Commssioned Corp.

Learn more on how to take care of youself naturally with green health and organic methods to obtain a better quality and quantity of life. Go to

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Psychology of Beating Obesity

It has always been interesting to me that perhaps the greatest if not one of the most important components overlooked for metabolic balance ( weight control, carbohydrate control, exercise, weather-climate related depression, and addictions) are our emotions!

Our emotions are intimately tied to our image and how we perceive ourselves. This affects how we eat, what we eat and when we eat. More importantly it plays a major role if we motivate ourselves to do anything about it.

For a long time scientist have tried to make the biological separate from the emotional aspect of ones lifestyle when they are intimately intertwined. We have seen the results of what depression, happiness and anger may play on one's blood pressure, having heart attacks , strokes, raising blood sugar, stress hormones and affecting one's immunity. Today with the advent of radio-imaging techniques we can see sub-cortical centers that control for every aspect of our thinking and our emotions.

The glands such as the thalmus, hypothalmus, and amygdala can be seen and measurements of their biochemicals and hormones they make also can be quantified. There appears to be a lattice of these centers connecting them by nerves, blood vessels , secretory vessels and neruo-chemicals. For instance, the thalmus contains sub-centers that controls for satiety, hunger, thirst, sleep, temperature, sex, agression, depression, and the effect of the sun in your wake cycle. Remember the hypothalmus and the amygdala are also packed in tightly to this center and controls for more emotions such as sexulity and various hormones such as sex hormones.

Have you ever wondered why does someone by themselves on a lonely Friday night begins to eat more foods that they like? Why is it that when eating there favorite "comfort food" they begin to feel fulfilled and maybe even experience an almost "orgasmic-euphoric high" as they watch a late night movie. When the "comfort" food is removed they will later experience what we would call a virtual withdrawl state in many instances!

Why is it that in the winter time when there is less sunlight, more clouds, colder temperatures, and shorter days that we begin to eat more , stay in-doors more and do less exercise? During this time the holidays arrive and guess what? We tend to gain more weight and complain and develop melancholia (the blues) or depression more often!

Why does there seem to be almost a connection between sex and agression. There seems to be tension, a "struggle" or a "chase" . There is a confrontation of what is about to happen and a process ensues. There is a climax then a decline in all the energy! Is it ironic that when working out in a gym we begin to sweat and secrete testosterone and pheromones through our pores. There are even special pheromones women secrete when women are ovulating called copulins that send a signal to males that indicate "they are ready"! These chemicals cause physical attraction to a specific match and testosterone builds up muscles which gives a more aesthetic physique to attract. Looking further at exercise, the heart rate goes up, and the blood pressure goes up. The breathing rate rises and the pupils begin to dilate. But, wait- these are almost the same exact results we saw during sexual activity, too!

These 3 examples of the paradoxical phenomena of biological behaviors are not coincidental it is because the centers that control for them are all related and are closely connected. There is cause to beleive that even a "spill-over effect" if you would from one nucleus to another may occur in all that neural wiring. In other words overeating, loneliness, depression, melancholia, libido, aggression, metabolism satiety, thirst and temperature control are all related.

Our perception plays a role in how we perceive ourselves as we said. If television commercials, bill boards, and magazines only project a certain image we are lead to believe that it's the image we must look like. Daily hundreds of thousands of commercials are sending overt messages , but it is the subliminal message that registers with us subconciously and makes us very frustrated with our own self-image.

What happens is we all rush out and buy the latest "fad" for two weeks and get angry that the results are not what we wanted . Whether it's the sexy clothes that are supposed to make you "hotter" and look lighter, the diet shake or energy drink ; these momentary messages are not telling us the full story . So, what does this do? It sets up in our society what is now known as the "Vanity Syndrome" with narcissism being the core symptom of it. We have to "get" the latest whatever it is on t.v. and especially if our BFF/BFG has it! What this does is create a vicious cycle of "yo-yo" dieting, continuous failures and set ups. The creation of more body dysmorphia , self-critical, self-loathing, self-defeating and self deprecating thinking because you are not meeting the " commercial standard".

This defeats any self-value and self-esteem and self-worth we may have built up. So, what do we do? First, don't beleive the hype, a T.V. personality in a white lab coat doesn't validate any product or program. Themogenix shows us scientifically that metabolism is the only driving force that alone that can help you lose fat weight , but keep it off permanently. There are at least 3 basic metabolic types that science has proven. Please , see more in these blogspot series to learn yours.

Secondly, know that any product or program must have not only your nuritonal-caloric match it also must have an activity plan for you to balance your glucose and insulin as well as your hormones. The best product or program is one that is compatible with your lifestyle and health. Set some reachable goals to help modify old behaviors that impede your success such as counting calories, measuring servings or cups of certain foods, put reminders on the "fridge", get the kids, and your partner involved. Go walk with a neighbor and reward yourself. Like the First Laday says..."Let's Move!" Go to and take the Thermogenix Challenge to motivate yourself into your lifestyles goals.

Fourth, don't forget about Nano-Nutritions that are healthy green and organic supplements . Those Nano-Nutrition that can work as bio-fuels are the ones most beneficial to you in reaching your metabolic goals.Learn more about healthy Nano-Nutrition and where to find them at

What and how you perceive yourself is what you will become. There is a mind- body connection . The brain relates your inward feelings to what you are outwardly by what you feel about yourself. Emotion is one of the most important components to metabolism that is under appreciated in the over all battle. Physical medicine professionals, nutrtionist , Naturopaths and homeopaths must shift the paradigm by moving beyond the physical-material realm alone. Thought becomes perhaps the most powerful determinant of what our condition is both physically and emotionally. If this component continues to be over-looked we will persist to fight an uphill battle in the war on fat(obesity) !

Dr. Marcus Wells, MD, MPH is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Insitute. He holds a Master's in Public Health from Emory University . He has also served in the Health & Human Services(HHS) , Public Health Service(PHS) and the Commissioned Corp.

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Friday, February 5, 2010

Thermogenix is a Healthy Lifestyle Choice

It's been debated in science and layperson circles alike about which system in the human body is the most important to the human organism. This debate probably will continue for a while , but scientist if not the layperson are the ones waking up to a new health realization that is "rattling" the whole paradigm of how we define health today and re-establishing a new relationship we have with food by creating a new culture of health.

Neurologist will naturally say that the nervous system hands down is the most important and cardiologist will debate their own specialty convincingly, however there are several systems in the human body all trying to maintain balance. However only one system actually "unifies" the rest by actually speaking every organ-systems "language". The system is called Metabolism.

Many of us rarely take notice that this system is perhaps the most important in giving the body balance. Now it is time to give it the respect that it is due, because it has been doing its share of work with out you knowing it and our recogning it is long overdue. If you think about how practically no particular organ tissue of one organ is seen in any other organ we begin to realize this metabolic importance more. Sure,examples like the nervous tissue as nerves in organs is technically correct, but even that is limited. But, not every organ tissue has a nerve that can stimulate a metabolic factor into it. Unlike the Metabolic system which is the essential controlling mechanism in every cell because every cell either has DNA , mitochondria or the TCA cycle(tri-cyclic acid cycle).In other words whichever organ you look at metabolism is there.

Metabolism maintains what physiologist call homeostasis. Thats "Ph.D talk" for balance. This balance is literally for everything in the body for all the trillions of cells that exists , literally. From water, to electrolytes, production of protein, the production of energy, body heat, hormone production and nerve innervation;it is metabolism that signals and communicates when our body is "out-of-whack" in every organ system. Heart myocytes are limited to serving only its area, as are the pepcid cells of the GI tract that are limited to its area and osteocytes assigned to only the bones. But, metabolism keeps tract , signals and communicates to all of the organ cells and exists physically and intimately to all organs through their cells. The "master" gland of metabolism, the thyroid and the "master of the master" the hypothalmus are all controlled by metabolism, themselves.

Many of us do not know technically what a calorie is and what its purposes are. We just know that we are supposed to "burn" them. The calorie is a unit of measurement of heat production of the body due to metabolism. The human body acts as a type of furnace but perhaps even a better description is a generator and an engine. The amout of heat produced to raise temperature literally by one degree celsius is a calorie. Temperature, heat production and control is maintained in the "master" glands of the endocrine system.

When food is introduced to your body's system it normally raises temperature. When you exercise or even shiver from cold you generate heat. That means food represents potential calories gained and exercise represents a potential heat loss . By this we can manipulate calories based on control of what we eat and how much activity we do.
Each calorie type delivers a capacity load of energy that can be stored in the form of adipose tissue as primarily triglycerides are "burned" off by action. Fat calories which are slower to burn than carbohydrates and proteins have two-and-a-half times more the caloric value. It therefore can deliver more energy, but they are less efficient calories for quick energy sources. so we have to balance our calories through our sources!

There are essentially three basic types of metabolisms but several more sub-types. The fast oxidizer burns energy rapidly and because of that generally needs more dense calories, slow oxidizers if over-eating tend to accumulate greatly their stores of energy and need to eonsume morecomplex carbs. Then, there is a grouping which most of us probably fit into today. The mixed-variable "out-of -whack" type.

Because of several exposures our body's are constantly being assaulted by metabolic toxins and our body's systems becomes derranged or out-of-control. Our food supply has several carcinogens and toxins. The air we breath as well as water we drink expose us to harmful effects. Today we are finally looking at exhaust from cars, carcinogens in gasoline and non-ionizing and ionizing radiation as all potential hazards. All which potentially harm us through making free oxygen radicals that destroy or mutate DNA and cell structures. The result of which are chronic diseases, cancers, immuno-suppressive ailments and obesity.

Therfore the " battle" that has to be waged against diseases at the cellular level or microbiotic level of cells , not macrobiotic or the organ level with the whole food itself. If we do , we are continuing to miss the actual machinery of determining health at the most important unit of health(life)-the human cell. Because of that Nano-Nutrition and molecular Bio-Fuels are necessary in our daily regimens. What are Nano-Nutritions? We know them commonly as supplements. Not just those pills you buy in your health food market, but the nutrition, biochemicals, antioxidants, minerals, enzymes , and herbals we eat in our diet from fruits and vegetables . Many of us are over-exposed to one logic of medial health thinking and sometimes begin to "cringe" when we hear the word supplement. But, supplements do what they say they do, they "supplement life" through your diet!

Long are the days of great biochemist who opened the door to supplements like Linus Pauling ( who discovered vitamin C's ability to fight disease and aging)or Watson and Crick who cracked the DNA code. We( I am talking primarily about allopaths) have forgotten there biochemical origins of health from plants and the human cell.

The paradigm has to shift now if we are to have what today is termed "total health". Total health can only be obtained if the battle is waged form a "mico-biotic approach" to diet and nutrition from the cells prospective. But , this applies probably to all apects of life really.

If metabolism is the "unifier" of all organ -systems in the human body, obesity has to be the "mother of all chronic illnesses" , because the majority of chronic illnesses are due to its cause. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, fertility problems, liver disease, pancreatic disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, stroke and other vascular diseases, body dismorphic syndrome, metabolic problems, obstructive and restrictive lung diseases(non-tobacco realted from musculo-skeltal impingement), arthritis, and depression are all due in some direct or indirect way to obesity.

Why aren't we directing the battle more towards its prevention as a real lifestyle change? That is where metabolism comes in to unify our health care crisis and the shift of the paradigm. For about 150 years we have moved towards synthetic and artificial products as substitute treatments when for 5000 years herbs, roots, berries, bark, salves, ointments, water, honey, minerals , relaxation, prayer and other natural products were effectively used, not to even mention the work of Linus Pauling and Noble Laureates of biochemistry like Watson and Crick!

We have to now take full responsibility as laypersons for our own health today. We really don't know what is down the pike when it comes to toxic exposures. Toxic exposures will continue to come in numerous forms. How will you prepare for them and how will your protect yourself?

Dr. Marcus Wells MD, MPH is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute. He holds a Master's in Public Health. He also has served in the Health & Human Services , Public Health Service(PHS) and Commissioned Corp.

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Can Some Foods Be Aphrodisiacs? Science or Silly? Sexy Nutrition

Valentine's Day is fastly upon us and literally thousands of pounds of chocolates will be heavily consumed in the course of one night. The thing that keeps popping up asks us is " does what we experience with chocolates just all in our heads?" The myth has always been known that chocolates act as a type of aphrodisiac with great powers to seduce! Fact or fiction? Science puts it to the test and has found out that chocolates do contain a stimulant in it called Theobromine. It gets you up with the first bite!This is believed to be due to an amino acid called Tryptophan. This base compound is a major component of the neuro-chemical called Serotonin. Serotonin is the brain chemical that causes addictions and the sensation of ecstacy!

Chocolate appears to increase "opium receptors" of the brain that release Endorphins that reduce pain and helps reduce the inhibition to experience pleasure. Canadian studies have looked at the Flavonoids in chocolate that act as an anti-oxidant as well which can be good for the heart. this is noted particularly in dark chocolates.

Wait there's more. Chocolate contains chemicals like Anadamide, Methylxanthines, and Phenylethylamine(PEA). PEA increases the secretion of pheromones that increase attraction. Hmmmmmmmm. sounds good already! YOu see science can be sexy!

Here is one of the most controversial myths that also may have a lot of science to back it up. We know what it means when the oysters on the half-shell come out on the plate. The subliminal notions are all only to obvious to new romantics. But, that funny sensation with the shellfish may not just be all a fantasy, but actually reality! Yes , that's right! Published studies looked at how the aphrodisiac portion of oysters was due to a chemical in them called NMDA( N-methyl-D-Aspartate) which can stimulate testosterone. This is the predominate sex hormone for men and women.

The higher amounts of Zinc and Iodine in Oysters just might be regulating all sex hormones and could be affecting semen production . Culturally a number of women anecdotally report a certain sensation when eating oysters associated with increased libido. Others describe this effect also when consuming other types of shellfish as well. Is this all coincidence or the subliminal notion being well digested? You be the judge.

We've often been told that almost anything in moderation is alright. This might be the case for red wines and certain white wines as well , particularly when it comes to "getting into the mood". It is beyond the fact that wine can "un-wind" you so that you are less inhibited and feel relaxed. There are actual health benefits that you can acquire provided you don't drink over two glasses.

Wine contain antioxidants that actually help us by reducing the inflammatory process of oxidation. Resveratrol acts to reduce heart disease and may help premature aging as well as prevent cancer. Published studies show that resveratrol inhibits two key inflammatory enzymes also known to be involved in severe infection!

Wine can help raise HDL2 which of the HDL types can be cardio-protective. remember that HDL cholesterol is the good cholesterol. Just like exercise it increases their numbers.

So , this Valentines Day drink responsibly, eat in moderation your favorite shellfish and sweeten your palates with the worlds most delicious morsels and let your tongue enjoy. What tingly feelings you experience may not all just be in your stomach or just your head, but somewhere even deeper!

Dr. Marcus Wells is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (NIH/NIHLBI). He holds a Master's in Public Health from Emory University. He also has served in the Health & Human Service, Public Health Service(PHS) and the Commsioned Corp.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Thermogenix: How Nano-nutrition Acts as a Daily Protector and Bio-Fuel

Thermogenix( , the revolutionary paradigm shift in health is changing our awarenss about nutrition wants to reveal its total concept to you! Where health is being debated as an administrative and fiscal concern in politics, Thermogenix wants to put the "care" back into healthcare, first! The paradigm shift is to change the focus and emphasis placed on the macrobiotic level to that of the "microbiotic" . Why, because this is where all metabolism takes place on the cellular level. It is where anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes , hormones and all fuels actually are working at.

The idea of "microbiotic dieting" has been mentioned before, but inadequately in relationship to cellular metabolism along with the Nano-Nutritions we just mentioned that act as Bio-fuels . How do they work, where do they work and can we manipulate and mobilize the Nano-Nutritions to get further benefit. Nano-Nutriton is the "missing link" in health today especially when it comes to preventing cancer, diabetes and obesity! Let's not forget the value of Nano-Nutrition. Sometimes it seems as if the Nobel laureates who worked in biochemistry like Linus Pauling(who disovered vitamin C as an anti-aging- antioxidant) and Watson-Crick( the team cracked the DNA code) team are totally glossed over when it comes to the world of Nano-Nutrition or supplements which we commonly call them.

In a world where our food supply is bombarded by antiobiotics, genetic modification, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, irradiation, microwaving, growth hormone, estrogen, chemical dyes, chemical preservatives, artificial flavoring, artificial coloring, HFCS(high fructose corn syrup), MSG, Aspartame, Saccharin, trans fats, saturated fats, Poly-Aromatic Hydrocarbons(PAHs), Heterocyclic Amines(HCAs), and other processes we are exposed to on a daily basis that are too numerous to add here . Our water has run off from raw sewage, chemical plant emissions, flouride, chloride, and expired drugs. Poly Vinyl Chlorides and Benzene-type products are in the air , ground, water and in the clothes we get back from the cleaners.

How can the human organism sustain so much daily insults to its system? The answer is with Nano-Nutrition combating the toxic effects from cellular damage by oxygen free radicals.

Responsiblity for health is going to become more of an individuals concern in the future. But, our healthcare professionals need to educate us on what the body needs to prevent the highly toxic oxidative processes going on in trillions of our body's cells at every second daily.

We must begin with understanding that prevention is as much a part of the health process as simply dieting and exercise. I advocate diet and exercise, however it's message as the only choices has become boring and monotonous. Why, because not only is it not enough, it's also not "sexy" enough.

Once you have found your comfort zone to exercise according to the American Heart Association and the American College of Sports Medicine and have found what metabolic rate you are(fast , slow or mixed-variable type); then it's time to know which Nano-Nutrition to take and for what reasons. Here are some listed here.

1)Avoid Homocysteine in products it is a risk factor for heart disease
2)know and reduce your fibrinogen level , it causes platelets in blood to be sticky
3)Reduce intake of Methionine it too is related to heart disease and is in meats
4)Reduce sources of high saturated fats such as red meats, greasy and fat foods
5)Reduce MSG intake in may raise blood pressure
6)reduce salt and sodium to keep blood pressure normal
7)Avoid trans fats which are high in "fast foods" and "puffed" snacks especially
8)Avoid butter and margarine and use becenol instead
9)Be aware that grilled meats are related to carcinogens called PAHs and HCAs
10)Be aware that french fries contain high amounts of a carcinogen:Acrilimide

For the heart try to improve the oxygen carrying capacity to your coronary arteries that feed glucose and O2 to the muscle. This means keeping the arteries clear of plaque formed from cholesterol, calcium and scarring. The scarring occurs due to the "oxidation" of the cholesterol and will plug up the arteries more. Increase energy for the heart . Glucose is short acting . In the face of Nano-Nutrtion the oxygen carrying capacity with high impact energy can be generated. This includes Anti-oxidants as well as Nano-Nutrition that fight the free oxygen radicals that effect at the cellular level:

1)Ribose a sugar component
2)High Octane energizer NADH
3)High Energy ATP
4)Nitrous Oxide opens up blood vessels more for blood to flow (think capillaries)
5)L-Carnitine will carry away cholesterol for energy utilization
6)Homocysteine is reduced by Vitamin B12, B6, and Riboflavin
7)Nattokinase helps improve energy in heart on molecular level

1)Vitamin C
2)vitamin E
3)Co-Enzyme Q
5)Super Oxide Dismutase
7)Grape Seed Extract

1)Fish Oils such as Omega 3 help cognitive function and improve mood
2)increase eating Almonds increases the brains function, too
3)Use Ginko to improve memory
4)Coconut oils
5)New hobbies may increase neurons firing and stimulate growth via retraining
6)Vitamin B12 helps build sphingomyelin the fat in the brain
7)Lecithn helps build the fatty substance of the brain

1)add more red, green leafy and orange vegetables
2)add more fruit
3)increase fiber to increase transit time in GI tract and stablize blood sugar
4)Use protein alternatives such as soy, casien, whey, brown rice, beans, and nuts
5)Tomatoes have lycopene to help fight against prostate cancer
6)Eat a Mediterranean style diet more often

1)Consider Hoodia a supplement that reduces sugar crave
2)HCA (Garcinia Cambogia) can help control general appetite and build muscle
3)Gynemma can help stabilize blood sugar
4)Chromium picolinate can also help the absorption rate of sugar

1)Guarana is a Xanthine that has little to no caffeine, it can enhance fat burning
2)Ginseng helps boost metabolism
3)Reduce colas, teas, and coffee that have high amounts of caffeine

1)Monosaturated fats like olive oil
2)Healthy saturated fats like coconut, palm, and canola are healthier
3)Essential fatty acids, DHA, GLA are heart healthy(marine fish)
5)Flax seed

Your red blood cells(RBCs) are made up of a Heme prosthetic units made up to carry iron. Iron attaches to oxygen and carries it in the organs. The Globin is made up of proteins. Vitamin B12 and folate help the production of RBCs.

This is only a minimal listing. Please go to http://www.tgx360/ on the web to learn
much more.

Dr. Marcus Wells is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute(NIH/NHLBI). He holds a Master's in Public Health from Emory University . He has also served in the Health & Human Services, Public Health Service(Public Health Service) , and Commissioned Corp.

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Cellular Metabolism the New Advantage: Preventing Obesity in 21st Century

Most of us raise our eyebrows, or either get suspicious if not intimidated when we hear the word "challenge". Today life has hundreds of challenges, so just what makes one more better? Most challenges are impedences or act as an encumberance and are part of life's other hurdles. But, a new concept has arisen in the area of health especially when it comes to a challenge. With 100 million people becoming obese and another 100 million being at some stage of overweight, a rising population of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, stroke, arthritis, infertility, immuno-suppression , pediatric obesity, gall bladder problems, pancreatic insufficiency , biochemical and blood fat derrangements, as well as obstructive and restrictive mechanical problems are occuring. What can be more challenging to us today in this country than a healthier lifestyle? All of the diseases mentioned are considered secondary to the problem of obesity in this country. So why isn't the healthcare industry and professionals pushing at prevention, nutritional regimens, exercise prescriptions and Nano-Nutrition like vitamins, anti-oxidants, enzymes, minerals and herbals more than just drugs and surgery?

Today we all know someone directly or indirectly effected by obesity or overweight status if not ourselves. The problem is growing meteorotically and everybody and that includes the pharmaceutical industry, medical professionals, health agencies(private and public), the food industry and restaruant industry should and must pull together a unified effort to create a healthier goal. A type of "nutritional GPS" really is what we need to map out our shortcomings nutritionally.

These same authorities now must ease their power and concede some of their authority to those who are nutritionist, dieticians, botanist, homeopaths , naturopaths, metabolic specialist, fitness consultants, and motivational speakers.

A campaign that is spearheaded , but not necessarily run by the public sector along with ads produced by Wall Street and Madison Avenue with the aid of behavioral scientist can create a "culture" of health that can turn this around.

In the meantime our premiums are rising, long lines in clinics and ERs are growing, drug prices are continuing to rise greatly, what can we do?

There are at least 15( because two are lumped together) factors that you can begin to look at immediately to improve your overall health statistically . This puts you at some chance of improved quality and quantity of life. Life is both of these factors together. But, you have to be up to this challenge which improves overall cardio-pulmonary resistance, boosts energy, lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar and improves your esteem in multiple ways. This is the Thermogenix Challenge. It is a way to stratify risk based on certain daily lifestyle factors that impact us. They are factors that we can control and chose to enhance or eliminate to better our physical and emotional well-being. Without further adeiu here they are and what they could mean to you.

1) Ask your healthcare provider to measure your BMI(body mass index) the height divided by weight squared is a function of mortality and morbidity. You've got to know this number. A BMI over 30 poses a much higher health risk and is considered a overweight status.

2) Ask your healthcare provider to measure you BMR(basal metabolic rate) , which is how fast and how many calories your body consumes at work and rest.It determines if you have a fast, slow or have a mixed-vairable type of metabolism. That determines what foods and exercises you need.

3)Know your body weight , but don't weigh too often. Weekly is enough. Then chart it in relationship to your emotions, what you ate, where you were when you ate and major events related to your life in a journal.

4)Know your Waist Circumference(WC) and Waist-Hip-Ratio(WHR). If the WHR is greater than 0.85 in women or 1.0 in men, you are at higher risk.If the WC is greater than 35 inches in women and 40 inches in men , this too is greater risk. Relate these number to percent body fat. In an adult male it should be between 15-22 % in women no more than 32%

5)What is your EQ or Emotional Quotient? Studies indicate that depression is related to obesity as well as over-eating , being more sedentary as well as diabetes type II and obesity. Your emotions play a major role. Record in a journal when you eat. Is it after becoming angry, nervous or depressed. This is all related to the hypothalamic and thalamic centers that control emotion and eating being so close and having some cross-wore effect in the brain. Having compulsive eating is a negative!

6)Do you try to follow the American Heart Association and American College of Sports Medicine recommendations when it comes to trying to exercise .Even by simply walking 20-30 minutes every other day until you get to doing it daily is a plus? I can not stress enough how exercise improves the heart and lungs in functioning, reduces cholesterol, reduces blood pressure, stabilizes blood sugar, secretes Endorphin and Encephalins to increase pain threshold and feel more euphoric while working out."Just Do It!"

7)Do you drink anywhere from 8-12 glasses of water daily that are from 8 to 12 ounces? Water is what 70 percent of what our body is made up of. Water must be related to the solutes or electrolytes in the body such as sodium, potassium, chloride and calcium. In conjunction they determine much of kidney and heart function. Water on a cellular level is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen. When fuels are "burned" in the face of oxygen, the combustive process derives more energy.

8)Five Fruits and/or Vegetables or incombination are recommended to get the vitamins, anti-oxidants and roughage your gastro-intestinal system needs, but still this may not be enough. Start getting into the habit of eating more organic complex carbohydrates to stabilize your blood sugar and to control the transit time of your lower bowels to sweep away toxins.

9) Fiber comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be as above in fruits and vegetables that are cooked or even better raw "veggies" where enzymes can be consumed along with it. Fiber can come in certain grains and cereals too. Today there are many acceptable commercially available fiber particles(psyllium) that are non-digestable that also can help. These are in most supermarkets, too.

10)Try to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep because most of our metabolism is going on at this time. While we sleep , the body is on auto-pilot with numerus vegetative functions acting. Sleep restores and resets our body's metabolism so that we may meet the next days demands! Try to get to sleep early. Studies are showing that insomnia is related to late night snacking and diabetes.

11)Reward yourself with positive things that motivate you to continue your healthy lifestyle regimen. If you walk a mile daily for a month get new running shoes or a jogging outfit. Reward yourself with a walk to a park you've wanted to get to or go camping . There's nothing like the incentive of something new like a bike or a health food restaurant with Soy, miso, temph, whey , casien, kelp, seaweed, or algae for just a taste.

12) You must keep a journal that outlines activity, emotion and what you eat. It should be detailed as to what you ate, where you ate it and how you ate it. Detail how many calories you think there were and what you ate. Was the time you ate chocolate during menses or after an argument. Did the weather effect you so that you didn't go outside and ended up not exercising at all. Try to then go back a week or month later and analyze your own behaviors and try to anticipate what you will do next time and try to avoid or eliminate the behaviors you think are vulnerable.

13) Check your blood pressure often as possible. The number most us try to reach is anything below 140 systolic and 90 diastolic. Research is inching those numbers down to obtain better health statistically at 135 for the top number and 85 at the bottom. Go for it , but go easy. Do not try to change your lifestyle with extreme measures in diet and activity, drugs or dietary agents too much too fast. All things in moderation.

14) Check your Cholesterol. Cholesterol in and of itself is not bad or dangerous it's the source of it and how much we let it get to that is a problem. Cholesterol is not by itself an absolute determinant of whether you're not healthy. The total cholesterol must be taken into consideration to the LDL , known as the bad cholesterol and in relationship to the HDL or good cholesterol. Try to keep your cholesterol lower than 200mg/dl and keep the bad chleserol below 110 and good cholesterol above 35. this 3:1 ratio is safe.

Remember the good cholesterol or HDL can be raised with exercise, certain red and white wines as well as almonds. The nutrional science still favors onions, garlic and an indian herbal called guggul to help lower high cholesterol.

These are some basic factors you can control before having to result to pharmaceutical therapy or having your situation lead to a chronic disease with irreversible consequences. this "thumb-nail challenge" gives you a "Nutritional GPS" and allows you to know where to start from and like a compass , guides you to where you are and where you want to go. You can always resort to it anytime as you can and should daily.

If you have a score of doing 9 to 15 of these things your lifestyle is relatively of low risk to the morbidity and mortality associated with premature death. If you have between 5 to 9 you have mild to moderate risk and need to step it up. However 1 to 5 of these , puts you at a higher risk for premature risk of disease and even morbidity.

Dr. Marcus Wells is a past Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart , Lung, & Blood Institute(NIH/NHLBI). He holds a Master's in Public Health from Emory University . He has also served in the Health & Human Services(HHS), Public Health Service(PHS), and Commissioned Corp.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

How Antioxidants Work to Fight Disease

The media and commercial press are bombarding us with many messages on just what are anti-oxidants and how exactly do they work in the body. Thermogenix( has researched this subject vastly and has found out that anti-oxidants should become a regular part of ones daily regimen and lifestyle.

The culture today has transformed into an automated world where we are only satisfied with or only have time for fast foods, fast drinks, and a fast life. It's time to slow down a minute or two and count how many "toxic hits" our body's system must be accumulating daily.

It starts at the rush in the morning, we stuff ourselves with high sugar high caffienated drinks and maybe a piece of white toast adding to the adrenal stress already started by the food's production of nervous energy scrambling our brains. Corticosteroids released from stress also affect our immune systme causimg suppresive effects reducing our resistance to physical,mental, emotional and environmental hardships on the body. We are already worn down before the day begins.

The smog from exhaust and other emissions in the drive begin to be inhaled. Office spaces are bombarded much today by "Sick Building Syndrome" toxins from anything from mold, mildew, carbon minoxide or older buildings with asbestos that has not been removed.

The fast pace of the day hurredly comes upon us and we become lost in a world where most of us are sedentary for hours cramped in a space perhaps without windows and only re-circulated air. Let's hope our co-workers wash their hands everytime and turn away when they cough and sneeze. We don't H1N1 to add to it.

Maybe that ten minute water cooler break will allow the circulation in our legs to flow better so emboli won't be thrown and allows the carpal tunnel to stop spasming. If the muscle spasms in the shoulders(torticolis) could just stop a minute when you bend down at the desk top you could make it through the day, but it doesn't so , just pop down a couple acetominophens.

It's lunchtime and that mad dash to the car to the quickest food stand or fast food restaurant with colleagues commences. Only if that red light could speed up and that old pick-up would get out from in front you could get there faster. You can't tell if the gnawing pain in your tummy is that ulcer or the hunger you're trying to extinguish.

Ok, 15 minutes to slam down something that won't take too long to get back. Oh that triple-decker pattie and fries sounds good. Down the hatch , here's looking at you. Ok, back at the desk after traffic. Did the guys in the commissary enjoy the stroganoff any better? Oh, well , I'll just get some water from the fountain along with some seltzer and it'll all be better. Right ?This is a typical scenario that most of us face daily without thinking about it.


Today, we are letting the pace of the culture get the best of us and letting others decide what are healthy choices for or own metabolism. The food today is too effected by antibiotics, estrogen, growth hormone, genetic modification, insecticides, herbicides, pesticides, micro-waved, irradiation, aspartame, saccharin, HFCS( high fructose corn syrup) MSG, HCAs(heterocyclic amines), acrylimide, artifical dyes, chemical preservatives, chemical food coloring PAHs (polyamino-hydrocarbons), fast foods, smoked food and trans fats.

Our beverages are filled with as many chemicals such as our public water which is filled with chorine, flouride and numerous other spillages from raw sewage , expired drugs , chemical plant emissions and factory pollution.


Anti-oxidants work opposite to what the toxins named above work. The toxins are oxidizing agents that can create oxygen free radicals in a process known as peroxidation(oxidation of poisons and toxins). These toxins can destroy or mutate DNA and cause chronic disease, immune disorders or cancer. Anti-oxidation is the process which this toxic process can be prevented or reduced severely. The process of oxidation occuring in the heart by saturated and trans fats causes heart disease. In other organs we see cancers like that of the colon, prostate and breast. Many "weird" symptoms we encounter may be from household items we use daily that present as aches and pains we can't put our fingers on such as chronic fatigue or fibromyalgia.


We are ideally suppose to get all the anti-oxidants we need from vegetables and fruits. In an ideal world we would. But, based on how and what we eat as well as how we prepare it; we are losing vital nutrients. That's why Nano-Nutrition is recommended in our daily regimen. Nano-Nutrition works as anti-oxidants to fight chronic illness and work as Bio-fuels so your metabolism functions smoothly. Nano-Nutrition is a part of cellular dieting or metabolism. This is where the real work of Nano-Nutrition is done on a microbiotic level.

But, what can we do if we can't get anti-oxidants in our diet? Well, you go down to your nearest organic or whole food store or a nutrition store and purchase them in supplement form. Biochemist and botanical scientist have known for decades since the days of Linus Pauling and Watson and Crick , who cracked the DNA code, that supplements work. Biochemist first had to understand the cell, then understand the powerhouse of the cell called the mitochondria. After that they had to further understand the "turbo-booster" in the mitochondria called the TCA-Cycle. This is where energy is utilized for keeping us alive second-by -second.


Today, we must always know where we can trust to get good healthy organically grown vegetables and fruit. If not , we must use supplements. The best and most accesible and readily usable are:

VITAMIN C-that fight against oxidation from free radicals

VITAMIN E-fight oxygen free radicals to reduce heart disease, premature aging

Co-ENZYME Q -a powerful anti-oxidant to help your heart

UBIQUINONE-an antiooxidant and energy booster that helps heart function

SUPER OXIDE DISMUTASE -One of the most powerful antioxidants

GRAPE SEED EXTRACT -obtained from wine and grapes to help against heart disease and aging

RESVERATROL -A potent anti-oxidant that helps fight against cancer, heart disease and premature aging

MELATONIN-perhaps known more for helping with sleep, but contains some interesting antioxidant properties

SELENIUM -One of the most important minearls that helps the pump function of the heart

LYCOPENE-A potent prostate protector that might exert its ability as a capable antioxidant

Dr. Marcus Wells is a previous Clinical Associate from the National Institutes of Health at the National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute(NIH/NIHLBI). He holds a Master's from Emory University. He also has served in the Health & Human Services(HHS), and Public Health Service(PHS), and the Commissioned Corp.

There are many many more to mention here .Learn at