Thursday, March 28, 2013

Are You Tired of Drug Recalls and Alerts Yet? Part 3

It's happened again. Another Drug Alert a drug that is in a class already that has brought great scrutiny not only by the medical and consumer protection agencies , but by consumers and makers of these drugs. Lipitor is a classified as a statin. Statins were named in studies where a high correlation of muscle disease along with liver and neurological problems have been reported by its users. Now, comes along a new report by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology that shows that Lipitor(Atorvastin) increases the chances of causing Type II diabetes(T2DM). The phenomenom is noted to be associated with those with risk factors for developing diabetes already such as high cholesterol, high glucose and overweight and obesity. Now, how ironic is that? This has already sent shock waves through the medical world where billions of dollars in pharmaceutical sells are booming in a sluggish economy. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg as litigation with personal injury and medical malpractice cases will burden the already cash strapped medical system News about pancreatic cancer being associated or being caused by drugs that treat type 2 diabetes has arisen. Particularly being named are Byetta, Januviam, Janumet and Victoza. Where are consumers and the sick to go when the very medicine that is supposed to cure them of a disease actually could cause the disease or or worse illness? The healthcare system is broken much further beyond just fiscal responsibility or better admisnistrative leadership. This hits at the crux of medicine, which is "do no harm", by those providers on the clinical frontline. This puts the physicians in the cross hairs of an already litiganous society. What set backs are we to have in the pharmaceutical world. Worse yet, why hasn't oversite on clinical trials been more restrictive and aren't raising the bar on quality assurance. It couldn't be that some in the FDA re partnering with Big Pharma in the fast tracking of potential billion dollar products and nice job positions once they go into the private sector? It is time to look at healthy alternatives to dangerous type 2 drugs such as the herbs Gynemma or Chromium Picolinate for starters. It is time the healthsystem educate the community especially children about diabetes as a consequence of obesity which is due to lack of exerixde, overeating carbohdrates and beverages with high sugars. Bring in the food , beverage and pharmaceutical industry and hold them to a higher standard of production. Because it is there products that are effecting health. Ironically they are creating obesity and diabetes which is more "industry" for one another. This needs to be scrutinized by an outside independent group as well as the Inspector General. Heathcare costs are spiraling out of control, yet the foods, beverage and pharmaceutical industry are contributing to it. Its time to rethink our model and go to the crux of the problem-greed in the system.