Saturday, July 9, 2011

Is Dr. Spock Rolling Over Yet About Baby Formula Ingredients ?

The late Dr. Benjamin Spock, the world's reknown pediatrician, might not like what he would see today in baby food. Have you ever looked on the back of formula feedings for newborns  and really read what we are giving our newborns ? Many of us might be shocked, confused or downright upset at some of the additives we just might see on the labels. Although formulas have improved over the years they do not compete with the superior quality of  mothers milk by far. Newborn's are not just merely "little humans" , they have a physiology and growth pattern as well as immunity totally different than adults. The hydration and mineral status is also quite different which also means organ systems such as the heart, lungs and kidneys respond differently as well.

Whats in the modern formula today? :

Gerber Good Start
Cow's Milk
Coconut Palm

Good Start soy Plus
Soy Isolate

Enfamil ProSobee:
Triple Garud for Eye, Brain and immune system
Stomach sensitve

Enfamil Premium Infant

Similac Sensitive

Similac Advace

Enfamil Gentle Ease

Gerber Good Start Plus contains some good oils like Safflower in it as well as Omega oil DHA. Omega oils are good antioxidants, help the brains development and  posses anti-imflammatory capacity. The Arachidonic acid(ARA) also helps brain development as well. Safflower helps to keep bad cholesterol down.This formula is a great source of many vitamins   such as fat soluble vitamins A, K,D, E.   It contains, Panothenic Acid, calcium and potassium.L-carnitine, which  seems to help mobilize cholesterol for better metabolic utilization, too.

However , some children might find sensitivity to whey an alternative protein to mikl proteins as well have intolerance to the sugar Lactose in it.It might be questionable what the corn-maltodextrin benefit is as well in relationship to high carbohydrates that transforms later  into tirglycericdes.

Similac Sensitive  for Spit Up is packed with plenty protein but , also especially with  carbohydrates including corn syrup ,  rice starch and  table sugar(sucrose). Those are of some real concerns in case you haven't noticed.

Yet , this formula does contain a relatively comparable good source of thiamine, L-carnitine, Riboflavin and fat soluble vitamins. There are several minerals in it as well.

It  also contains DHA and ARA  for baby brain development as well.

Similac Sensitive for Fussiness & Gas Also contain high carbohydrates sources from corn maltodextrin, sucrose(table sugar), Galacto-oligosaccharides( a complex starch).

The Lycopene it has has been shown to be protective of prostate disease in males in older populations. This may prove to be a benefit early for male newborns.

Some formulas now contain soy based protein. Soy is used as  an alternative to cow's milk based formula and has been known to have good calcium sources for bone development and soy lecithin is now used as well to help with central nervous system development. However, any soy-based formala with soy isolates may need to be questioned as soy isolates has been come under scrutiny as inducing problems. Soy raises other issues as it does have phyto-estrogens which look much like estrogens. The isoflavones of soy may prove of benefit , but other considerations must be also taken in making your selection choices.

The Real shocker for  being a high sugar source   are electrolyte sports drinks sources. Not all are made the same. Some commercial pharmacies  and baby specialist stores are making their own versions.

Many contain high amounts of dextrose(glucose-sugar), Fructose,  Sucralose(artificial sweetner) and another artificial sweetner called Acesulfame. If that is not enough, many contain artificial fruit flavors. Sucralose was ariginally discovered in the creation of pesticides.

Some electrolyte drinks contain unkown chemicals called FD&C Yellow 6?!

What are the artificial fruit flavors in these electrolyte and kiddie sport drinks and better yet what are they doing in there? What are the  chemicals. Is there a need for the high amount of sugar calories in some of these formulas and is it necessary?

The high amounts of carbohydrates in foods has been known to being a pirme source for creating an overweight(BMI) status later in development of children and cause obesity as well. There is evidence that mothers who overeat and produce high amounts of  intruterine fluid during pregnancy and  have larger babies are at risk themselves for having diabetic newborns.

The good things that formula feedings have in them do need to stay, but the unexplained flavorings, dyes, chemicals, extra sugar, artificial sweetners and high amounts of sugar calories may need to be measured by the risk -benefit it offers.

The CDC and the American Academy for Pediatrics have both seen a sharp rise in childhood obesity and premature acquired disease including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and liver failure in children. Many reports are pointing at fructose types of derivatives or  high fructose corn syrup as a major contributor. Perhaps at birth and pre-natally we need to count our calories more often if not at least consider their sources.

Consult your local pediatrician for further advice or the American Academy of Pediatrics for further advice on how to decide what is proper formula for your child . Learn about the more important  and superior passive immunity breast feeding may offer over formula feedings as well. Although some formula now state they offer "immunity" protection. You should ask what does that really mean and ask about the probiotics that is in some formula.